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To me, Facebook is becoming less of a place to socialize (it takes me three months to post photos from holiday events) and more of a place to market "blog" worthy topics. Besides my own blog posts, I love sharing among my friends other lifestyle topics from social vlogs to other blogger articles. I also use Facebook to keep up with local consignment/garage sales and local events.

I realized the standard Facebook page for BLONDE2BRUNETTE, was just an avenue to post latest activity from the blog, but I wanted to create a more fun, but private space for just us ladies. I mean we do get the occasional male audience, but for the most part I wanted a place that talk about all topics and genuinely helped each other out when asking a random question, for example "where is the best place to find ____?". Lucky for me I created the group and there were a few ladies already taking a jab at it with some great everyday questions.

I also get to post sneak peeks of blog posts to come and take requests among the group of ladies. I imagine it as an organized long text thread that keeps on going. I'm posting to you ladies, to take the opportunity to join us via Facebook for a fun, helpful, light hearted community of women.


B2B Team

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>


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