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Last August was the first time I visited 'SMORGASBURG', in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I happen to catch it again this passed April and it has even more items to eat and shop!

What is SMORGASBURG? RAIN OR SHINE, every Saturday in Williamsburg,BK and Sunday in Prospect Park,BK from APRIL-OCTOBER an outdoor flea market of local food vendors and artisans gather for a wonderful smorgasbord of yummy eats. A foodie's dream. Lucky for me my friend Daniela (@brokefoodies) lives in Williamsburg, BK and is a natural foodie. The company I keep, lol, each tend to be a foodie of some sorts and Daniela is known for finding the best spots to chow down.

I'm even more impressed with SMORGASBURG because they have added so many more places to try and shop. It's free to get in, most vendors take credit card but I recommend having cash on you (ATMs are available on site). It can get overwhelming with the tents of food, but the lines move really fast. Everything is relatively easy to find and most tents specialize in some type of food i.e. poke' bowls, steamed bun, lobster po' boys, bbq, corn, ice-cream, bundt, etc. So if you see someone eating a dish you want, there's most likely one tent selling that type of food.

***Side note, we tried the infamous 'raindrop cake' please make sure you understand that this dessert is so bad that you must try it, just so you can understand how ridiculous it is. This ball of gelatin is just water. It melts way faster than regular jello. It's like if you've ever had a teaspoon of pure coconut oil. It just disintegrates but zero flavor and again only water. The syrups and matcha powder is the flavor part but very strange textures. I recommend getting a group to donate a dollar each and trying this weird WEIRD dessert. The facial expressions are the best part. GREAT LAUGHS.

I don't remember seeing as many home/decor/accessory vendors, I saw furniture for the first time this last month and saw some pretty amazing antiques and vintage nicknacks . I even got my beau a brass level (he designs and builds) that was made in 1810 for $20.00! That's cheap AF in my opinion. I go to a thrift store in Miami and it's $200 for something like that. Oh and the level WORKS!

The best part about the Williamsburg location is the park it's in, "KENT PARK". The views are beautiful and it's across the street from the Brooklyn Flea Market that's open Saturday and Sundays year round! DO CHECK IT OUT! That's also where I spotted "BROOKLYN FLOSS" cotton candy. OMG!!!! The flavors are BEAUTIFUL!!! I ate vanilla rose cotton candy. One order can be split among a few people, but fortunately for me Daniela didn't want so much sugar, so I finished it... Muuhahahaha.

Check out the images below to get a glimpse of what this "food market flea" is all about-

Above: Lobster Po' Boy, so fresh and buttery hhmmmmm

Below: vintage American flags.

Above: Daniela is sipping on pineapple juice blended with mint, agave, coconut water and sparkling water.

Below:Feast your eyes on beautiful Manhattan Island!!!

Above: You can't help but wonder what the raindrop cake will be like...

Below: Steamed Buns (traditional pork belly and duck)

Whether you live in NYC or plan on visiting, be sure to make it out to BK for some grub and shopping! You wont regret it!



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