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It's the last week of February and I've got another top 5 for you. More beauty products than anything! I'm currently on the West Coast for work and lucky enough, Karlee, showed me the spot to go to, NAMIE'S, and test run products. Like 'DOSE', this product I have seen on all of my favorite beauty bloggers and I was just dying to try it, but it's an online brand and still not as viral as 'COLOURPOP' or as cheap (so spending money was a lil' risky on this brand). Namie's is not like your everyday beauty supply store, there are more high end brands and my personal favorite, special effects makeup brands that I can actually swoon over in person. If you are ever out in L.A., please visit and go nuts!

1| DOSE of Color | Liquid lipsticks in shade: "Kiss of Fire" & "Bare with Me". I think the next shade for me to buy is "Campfire" & "Coral Crush". I love the formula, the smell and the packaging. I think I'm obsessed. FML. [Purchase HERE]

2 | PIXI Rose Face Oil | I've been using face oil serums for almost a year now and I wish I used them sooner! The texture of my face has become smoother, brighter and over all a youthful glow. I have normal to dry skin depending on location (like right now Cali is making me feel like a prune). Sometimes I'll moisturize in the morning and then do an oil serum at night. Common misconception is that if you have oily skin it's not wise to use face oil or moisturizer because of your already oily prone skin. The thing is you SHOULD be keeping your face moisturized in some way shape or form! You can regulate your natural oils by starting a proper skin routine, "C.T.M.". My stage make-up professor would make sure we " Cleansed, Toned & Moisturized" before and after our makeup applications. It will take time to regulate but be patient, I always give skin products 2-3 weeks. [Purchase HERE]

3 | PIXI 24k Eye Elixir | It's cooling and soothing for your under eyes. Reduces puffiness and promotes collagen. I put it on in the morning and at night. There is nothing worse than looking tired when you're not! [Purchase HERE]

4 | Sheet Masks | Aaahh, want a quick spa effect on your face? Or just something to brighten your day? Sheet masks. You can stick them in fridge to really REALLY wake up that face! I really enjoyed this " Pink Lemonade Mask" as it help brighten and clear breakouts. I use these during my time of the month to prevent buildup and kill acne from overly working hormones. They are also very affordable if you go to the right place, Home Goods/ T.J. Maxx. They have packets of 5 for under $6.00. I got the lip sheets as well. Not really sure if the lip version did anything or if it's just a placebo effect.

5 | BECCA Backlight Filter Primer | Another product I've seen used on my favorite beauty bloggers and our very own makeup obsessed, Karlee use this product in person and I loved the dewy finish it gave. So subtle. I even put this on by itself, mascara, a little concealer on my under eyes and tinted chapstick for a soft "no makeup/makeup look". A great lazy girl hack for everyday makeup! [Purchase HERE]

Hope you enjoyed Feb's TOP 5! Remember that your skin is the largest organ of your body. Take care of it! You only get one...

Happy Hump Day,



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