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We are mid month of January and this year I hope to be more consecutive with top 5's [ way more than last year]! Though I will say, to see products and places on the regular, do visit our instagram story [@blonde2brunette] for "Top of the moments"...

1| 2017 Planners| I'm obsessed with jotting things down, even in my phone, but I love being able to see it, touch, read it. Not just on my screen. Plus ask any Virgo and they love " Office Supplies". The giant floral with gold spiral, is for my side projects (etsy store, bake shop, digital store, and blogging). [purchased via Barnes & Nobles] The one to the right that says -BIG PLANS- is for acting/ industry meetings along with personal events of my loved ones. [ purchased via Anthropology]

2 | Urban Decay NAKED Ultimate Basics | Eyeshadows, the perfect set of neutrals, plums, and charcoals. This beautiful rose gold box is a one stop shop from day to night if traveling or need an everyday palette.

3| Gold Crystal Hair Combs | These hair accessories are from the shop "limitless sky creations". these are my second pair, as I have a pearlized blue crystal combs. I love pairing these with a half up half down look or a sleek pony. they can look boho or simple and sophisticated depending on your outfit!

4| Rose Love Beauty Mist| I really want to continue to improve and rejuvenate my skin and body so this hydrating face, body and hair mist is lovely. [purchased via Nordstrom]

5| Lash Extensions by Paola | I got them right before Christmas and after carefully finding the right person for my eyes, I am very impressed by this woman. The lashes have last, they didn't irritate my eyes and getting ready in the morning was a breeze. Some moisturizer, concealer and a lip tint was my go too! So laxed it's not even funny. I felt natural but done up at the same time! lol




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