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ColourPOP SPRING Swatches

If you've been following us on instagram or snapchat, you've probably been seeing me toss around some tubes of Colourpop liquid lipsticks, only $6.00. I really love anything with a matte formula, simply because it always lasts longer, and if I wanted it to be glossy, I easily just add it on! I will say shortly after making my purchase the " Ultra Matte Lip" shades, the " Ultra Satin Lip" came out! I've done some research and it still has long lasting effects, but with a softer formula for anyone anti matte! So I say go for those if you want something between a cream and a matte finish and feel!

On the website of ColourPop [CLICK HERE] , they have swatches done on the arms of ladies of skin tones ranging "Fair, Medium, Dark". If thats not enough for you, I highly recomend going on YouTube! There are so many ladies that have done swatches of these awesome products and you may just find the right vlogger to match! My skintone is fair, I have a mix of yellow and pink undertones. Although I live in Miami I rarely tan and ever since accutane, I basically avoid getting large amounts of sun. I'm all about the " Fake Bake" and bronzer (post to come for a healhty glow!), but below I kept the face bare with simle concealor, mascara, and the SWATCHES BELOW!

* I did not use any lipliners, just the paints! for a fuller pout on the nudes, I recomend and darker shade liner with corners filled in! Notice, the brighter the lip, the fuller the lips!



Hope you enjoyed todays swatches! I need to replish some makeup ASAP, and in return more swatches for the blog! any other questions on these products? comment below or message us directly!




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