Updated: Oct 13

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through a link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Summer is certainly here, it's hot, wet and humid. Thanks to our subtropic temps are garden is wild. That's nothing of concern as it's also a time where only a select plants of veggies, fruits and herbs are producing. Which means it's a beautiful time to either organize and clean up your pots and beds or if you still haven't take the plunge, maybe try planning for the fall season ahead!

You can read our intro blog post on how we got started. If the idea of gardening seems daunting or brings back painful memories of a brown thumb, I promise with a few tips here and there and trusting a slow progression of acquiring plants, you'll be more confident and have much success: CLICK HERE FOR INTRO BLOG POST ( I also list off my favorite IG accounts for helpful tips and inspo!)

Some are familiar with a b2b vlog highlights of DIY parties and Halloween trailers, but we've been slowly recording the progress of our garden this past spring/summer and finally we're ready to share with you how things are going. We've also learned quite a bit as we've gotten more serious with our home garden. I totally take on my Virgo traits when it comes to planning and organizing my passion projects, but i do allow my Libra moon to help me just " go with the flow" sometimes and not get easily discouraged. I'm grateful for the positive feedback and followers who have also started their garden journey from watching our highlight feeds ( CLICK HERE, HERE & HERE ) and have transformed their yards and balco