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TRAVEL | Glamping in Westgate River Ranch, Florida

On a beautiful Full Moon week, I happened to win an Instagram contest to enjoy a free three day, two night stay in Westgate River Ranch Resort just two hours North of Miami. It all happened to land right after I got back from a week in New Orleans for a Valentine X Mardi Gras experience! So my husband unfortunately could not join my so I brought won of my besties who was able to work remote for the rest of the week! I really didn't know what to expect, was this place worth the hype for glamping, how much does it actually have to offer, will I feel like I'm far away from the city and the short answer is yes!

So I'm going to break it down in a few topics below, kind of like my ' Top 5' layout but instead of products it's part of the Camping Resort.

For a full tour of my glamping experience, visit my...



This contest was awesome because we really got to immerse ourselves in a camping experience that was definitely boujie, but we did take the time to drive around on our golf carts and explore the different areas of sleeping arrangements. The prices vary but the most important factor is that the land is safe and protected, so if you are a beginner and are nervous to go out to the middle of nowhere, Westgate is the perfect place to start! The cheapest stay is obviously bringing your own tent to sleep. They also provide traditional tents of various sizes. Each section has a bathroom and showers station and it's very close, so you don't have to worry when the late night tinkle arrives. There are two types of glamping tents, one with a bathroom (luxury glamping tent) and the other without (glamping tent)t. Those camp grounds have their own designated area and fire pits & grills so only those staying there can enter or exit. They also provide a butler to bring you groceries and amenities that you may need for your stay. Seriously we wouldn't have to leave the camp once during our stay if we wanted to. If you don't feel like cooking, they have a full menu of dishes & drinks to choose from the restaurants on the grounds. Within our camping ground there was 10 glamping tents, how amazing would it be to invite all your favorite people for a retreat? We got lucky with weather as we got to enjoy coffee on the cool mornings and I imagine how beautiful it would be in the cooler months later in the year, can't wait to go back.

If you have an RV, this place is also for you as they have an incredible secluded area with porches and everything for your RV. I was impressed and wouldn't doubt many people have made this a long term stay.

The other unique stays are the Lodge rooms, Cottages, Wagons & Luxe Teepee. Yes I wrote Teepee and it looked amazing! One of our siblings stayed in the Wagon and very much enjoyed the spacious layout and location, but we both agreed that the Teepee was definitely on our list of glamping. Again, what a fun way to get a whole bunch of people to book in the same camp ground together!


I will say my friend Daniela and I wanted to take it easy and actually relax more than anything, so we decided to do two excursions and enjoy dinner at the restaurants, plus have a mini insta-photoshoot! We chose trap shooting, petting farm and horseback rides.

The trap shooting experience was very well done, safe and just a fun time. We had a great supervisor who also served as a marine, so you are in great hands!

We checked out the farm that they had and although small, it was still cute and plenty of photo ops to do. What you must take note is that they are actually building a Safari experience on the grounds, which is a little random but make it nice for family time or an animal lover in general.

The horseback ride was beautiful and beyond peaceful, we took the last tour of the day which was at 4:00pm. The golden hour came through and since it was the last tour, we got to see the horses get de-saddled and run freely back to their Prairie. I really recommend seeing that if you can. Look for where the Teepees are and you can actually watch from there, no horseback appointment needed.

PLEASE NOTE if you book a luxury space to lodge in, most excursions are included

A few other things you can do, but we didn't get the chance to were the airboat rides, swamp buggy rides, river cruise, mini golf, marina, fishing, pool, horseshoes, mechanical bull, pony rides and THE LIST KEEPS GOING CLICK HERE FOR ALL ACTIVITIES.


In our luxury glamping tent coffee and breakfast was included and was delivered bright and early every morning in our food barrels , as did our beer and wine every night lol in the ice chests!

They have options to fit just about any budget. Which I find super important if you have a bunch of people or kids with you and maybe you need certain meals at a lower costs. If you plan to cook your own food from the groceries you brought up yourselves or either call and order them from the staff (depending on your type of stay) or head to the General Store - they have all the supplies you need.

If you want a quick meal ranging from breakfast items like an egg sandwich , oatmeal, pancakes or lunch/dinner items like burgers, hotdogs and pizza the Deli located inside the General Store also covers that.

For restaurant options, there are three options but all fit a purpose.

Cattle Company Chophouse and Bar for a lux Texas vibe feel.

Smokehouse Grill for a view of the river giving it a South Carolina casual vibe.

River Ranch Saloon & Bar is where the live music happens and is definitely the Tennessee vibe of the group. Which we very much enjoyed the artists and the crowd, we felt transported in the middle of Nashville somewhere, if you are city person and need some energy this is where you go!


The most important thing to know is that when we left this place, we felt peace. I have stayed in cabin experiences in the Carolina's and Tennessee and I can tell you that I prefer to be in those places, but camping as a family or group where you want a little bit of nature and activity entertainment in a more secluded area, Westgate is ideal for such things. It's perfect for any avid or beginner campers that want an easy stay. Since we came from Miami, it's only a short 2 hour drive, and if you are doing a double take on the word short, I drive more than that in a day most days out of the week. Traffic is real down here and this is an easy trip. If you wanted, you could even do a day trip and drive to the Disney parks. Again all close to a lot of things if you are a South Floridian. Yes we have the Florida keys, but if you wanted to change it up this is a great option. I like Westgate for long weekends or retreat style experiences with the family, friends or possibly a company retreat. If I have a week or more I'll be headed to a cabin in the Blue Ridge or Smokey Mountain area for that, but this is a great alternative for a glamping experience.

Hope this post gave you a little more insight on what to expect when visiting Westgate River Ranch.

Let us know if you end up hitting up the ranch! Tag us or use hastag #blonde2brunettetravel

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