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TOP 5 | Sept & Oct

Well according to our insta-stories, we've been pretty swamped with this wedding. September we had the bridal shower, surprise bachelorette and tied up all the loose ends that were left for the wedding. Currently everything is good to go and all we have left are a few items to be picked up in NoLa for the welcome bags and yes we'll be noting details of that too for the future blog posts to come.

With that craziness being said, I figured we put together a joined list of Top September and Top October items. You've seen some of these items in our #ootd, read of the moment and then some. Be sure to follow all fall things this season in our fall highlight and also our "Long Walks At Target" are have items too.

We've also included some of our favorite moments in our Halloween highlight from last year of some helpful tips and reminders during the month of October.

Let's get started!


1| Cord & Plaid High Waisted Pant by WILD FABLE at Target | You can catch these babies in action in our #ootd story posts. Gotta say these pants look more expensive than they are. For $28 you can dress up - comfortably- for work or a coffee date. I have gotten such compliments and people are shocked that these are from Target. I recommend these for anyone who wants a chic look but doesn't want to have to try too hard! lol. I dress them up with loafers/booties/solid pointed heels and knit top or I dress them down with converse, tank and jean jacket. [ BUY HERE]

2| Herringbone Skipper Cap by Zara | Ugh, nothing beats a fall staple hat. They either make your outfit edgy street fashion or give you a classic old-school style. I also love how structured this hat is and maintains form, they also have a beret version too. [BUY HERE]

3| Fall Travel Coffee Cups by Graphique | These adorable travel coffee cups are the perfect add on to the coffee nook. Blondie, Sylv, had the sweet idea of surprising me with a "You've been Boo'd!" basket on October 1st(visit the fall/halloween highlight to see), and these perfect cups basically resemble us holiday shopping lol. To be honest, they are waaaay to pretty to drink out of and I wont be upset if no one uses them, so I have them for next year too! lol. Unfortunately you are going to have to do a little digging at Homegoods or Marshals to find these precious paper goods! You can find a variety all season long too!

4| Cinnamon Brooms by Bindle & Brass | It's not fall with our walking passed a witches broom and being engulfed in a sweet cinnamon haze! Sylv, also included these mini scented brooms in my basket and I couldn't be happier! The tiny one is about 2 inches long while the other on fits in the palm of my hand. It currently sits in my car to help ease the Miami traffic. Some grocery stores sell these products, you can however order a variety of scents on their main site! [ BUY HERE ]

5| Gold Triangle Hair Clips | Have you noticed from the pic the amount of hair accessories we have? That's because the fall and winter season is all about festive AF accessories. It's the perfect layer, especially hair and hair things , to livin' up an outfit with - again- very little effort! Looking forward to some half-up half- down looks and side sweeps with these pieces. [FIND SIMILAR HERE]

6| "Since the Womb" by Monday Monarch | Another piece by this company, except this was a custom dainty bracelet from a dear childhood friend for my birthday. Basically we've known each other since the womb and the friendship has continued 31 years later! I love you, Meg! See you in NoLa.--- This is a great idea for your sister, mother or bestie for the holidays, FYI! [ CREATE YOUR OWN HERE]

7| Rhinestone Headband by Zara | Blair Waldorf would be so proud. The era of headbands is back, well it's been back but these particular headbands are taking me waaaaay back to Gossip Girl days. I still watch re-runs when I want some fashion inspiration. Seriously WATCH IT FOR INSPO!!! [BUY HERE]

8| Glow Dust Highlighter by BECCA | This beautiful highlighting powder is so soft and the perfect amount of dew and sparkle for the skin. It's also build-able. I think it's going to be my new favorite highlight all season long. [BUY HERE]

9| Setting a Refresh MUA Spray by MORPHE | Jeffrey Star has collab'ed this yummy smelling micro mist setting spray that comes in the cutest pink package. Great for normal to dry skin as it keeps the dew up to par. [BUY HERE]

10| Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein | This book is exactly as the title sounds. Learning to manifest intentionally, not just when you feel like it. There are certain energies we put out with our mind that can contradict what we are working towards. Basically falling into a self-sabotage pattern. Have you ever notice when you practice manifesting your wants and dreams, that you either put it out to the universe and focus on the hard work ahead but live your life carefree and things flow easier? Sometimes we get to caught up in focusing on the goal - working on it and not paying attention to the natural ways of life around you can actually block you from allow yourself to attract the right vibrations in manifestation. Yup, it's a great read thus far. It's also available on audible if you have long drives commutes to work- or basically live in your car. lol. [BUY HERE]


Hope you all enjoyed our Top5 bundle for September & October!

Coming up next on the blog " Written in the Stars" bridal shower and surprise " Aloha Beaches" bachelorette.

Have a beautiful week and catch you on the gram!




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