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TOP 5 | January

January can seem slow to some, but I take full advantage of that slow paced energy. The possibility of easing into any new routines. Taking a breather after 3 long heavy but fast paced holiday months. Finalizing your vision boards, wish list for the New Year and on. It's good that it was slow, because February will zip on by! So I'm happy to bring back this classic " Top 5" monthly post because I'm on a mission for finding new items, places and experiences for one to try throughout the year. Hope you'll join along the ride.

let's get to it, shall we?


1| Micro Vision Board on my phone | Think of it as a personal way of sending yourself subliminal messages to yourself as you scroll daily on your phone. You want to keep the vision alive and one item we use for everything these days is our phones! In November I created a digital collage using the effortless Canva. You can type in collage, vision board etc. and grab your favorite images and insert them directly and play with their placement as much as you need. Obviously this is a micro vision board, so you can see it on your screens (pop these on your comp or ipad for extra energy focus!). You can easily place this on your backdrop or lock screen of your phone, but I went a step ahead used the app " WIDGETSMITH". You ever see a Pinterest image of someone's apps all organized, color coded and then large "widgets" of their photos, calendars or clocks? Well, being that I love aesthetically pleasing anything, I went ahead and did this on my phone. I used a neutral color palette for my over all tone and you can either create your own on Canva or support a small business and purchase set for a few bucks!

You don't have to color code anything right now, you can just get started on learning how to import your vision board by creating a widget with the vision board as an image, maybe add a calendar, or moon phase cycle ( my personal fav).

To learn how to actually do that, check out this youtube video I found that helped me. [CLICK HERE] As we continue to get updates for our IOS, you may want to see if there's a recent one to work with, although this was a video from 2020, it was pretty easy to navigate on our current systems.

Send us a screenshot on the gram if you end up doing this to you phone!

Need help creating one? CLICK HERE.


2| A-Pres Gel Nail from Laque House | Picture this, a few days away from New Year's Eve, my nails are all broken from cleaning, delivering our TSC gift basket crates for the past 3 weeks straight and I just wanted a feminine touch of the hand. A friend of mine, Marcela, loves going to this particular nail spot, Laque House in SoMi, and they offer all types of beauty services. Being that my nails were beyond repair, I thought " What the hell!" and I got the A-Pres Gel nail. Think of a thin high quality press on nail but adhering with a thick gel polish. I loved it!!! I had full grown nails in less than an hour! My hands were ready for all the rings, clacking on the keyboard and more. I plan to do another round or two of the A-Pres, so I can grow my natural nails with ease and prep them for another service called " Structured Gel Nails". Check out all the amazing nail jobs HERE.

Pro Tip- I told my manicurist that I like to do square nails, so she took the coffin A-Pres nails and cut them shorter. She said it worked as that style tapered a little more narrow than that of the square option, making it a more flattering cut than the wide square on my hands ( I have skinny fingers).


3| OLD WEST SLOUCH DENIM by Free People | Ya girl is obsessed with these jeans. I've had them for a bit, but hadn't shared and I wear them more than I thought. They are high waisted, fitting around the waist, butt and crotch but a wide leg relaxed fit. It sounds messy but it isn't. I even pair the jeans with a super baggy button knit and the slight fitted part at the top, really allows you to create that low key casual chic vibe so well! They have a ton of washes now and I need more in my life! BUY HERE

See the full outfit in action via this reel HERE


4| ALASTIN SKINCARE PRO MINERAL SUNSCREEN at Skin Local Miami| You already know I love Skin Local, I go there for my facials, botox and topicals! I can easily swoop in a have them fix me a cocktail of day/night serums and anything in between . The one item I'm shocked that I'm loving is my SPF 36 tinted moisturizer & water resistant. I personally hate the feeling of sunblock on my face. I know it's the one thing we shouldn't skip on the daily to prevent skin damage or worse -cancer, but I hate that heavy feeling. So this product surprised me, as it doesn't feel to have any weight on my skin. I love that!!! The tint is subtle and works well if you're like me who tries to let their skin breath as often as we can. If you are local a living elsewhere, they have their online store available to you! BUY HERE


5| Quote of the Month, if not the year | " Worrying means you suffer twice."

Read that again! As this month closes and inspiration is high, so can fear and worry. Please take time for yourself to calm the mind. I heard this quote via the Rachel Hollis Podcast, she was quoting someone else who I forgot feel free to DM me if you know who said it, and it was so fitting. We know that famous Tony Robbins saying "energy flows where attention goes" and we hope to not put all of our energy in to worrying about something that we either can't control the outcome or journey we are about to embark on. Worry is such a thief, normal yes, but whenever those troubling thoughts creep, try to compartmentalize and pull yourself out! I went ahead on my handy dandy Canva and created a little digital wallpaper should you or anyone also you know need a reminder of this important quote, enjoy:


This concludes our first " TOP 5" of 2022! Hope it's been a productive progression to your goals of the month and year ahead! Catch you at the next one!

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