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TOP 5 | Jan

Hello Babes!

'Tis time for a fresh Top 5 of the new year! Happy New Year to all (again) and I may keep saying it till the end of January. Based on our last post on " Manifesting your New Year" how are your goals going? Have you gotten a chance to build a road map for the year? If you haven't read the post yet, check it out to give you an idea on how to manifest the things you want. Be it for the whole year, quarterly and so on! One of my daily goals is currently a pain in my butt! I'm personally struggling to get up extra early to have that time for myself, but hope I will solidify if before the end of the month. Who knows? In the mean time, I'm getting all the other things I need in my daily schedule down!

In the meantime time let's have a little fun with these Top 5's , a little self-care mixed with small-shop love.


1 |Shameless Self- Promoting Sweater! | Hawt Threads | My sis got me one for my personal/actor ig @caropozo and I love it! The only problem is now I need one for @blonde2brunette and @thesugarcottage_ It's simple, stylish and I paired it with my black faux leather sweats and Adidas. It's also a very clever way to self promote when walking about. I actually had a couple dm's when I went to the market asking me about the sweater and got a few people to check out my biz page from it. So totally worth it, if you ask me! VISIT HERE & DM to place an order.

2 | Secret Garden Satin Square | Scarf by TWG Designs | As winter vibes fade out, at least in Miami, and Spring enters you'll be catching me pairing this bright multi-use scarf with my basics! From neck tie to hair, or pair it on my purse, it's a bold and bright scarf to lift your mood! BUY HERE.

3 | De La Heart Tool | Lymphatic Drainage wood tool by De La Heart | We are familiar with facial lymphatic drainage using a jade roller or gua sha, but your whole body can benefit from this. So we are taking it up a step further this year and making sure we add this ritual into our weekly routine. Visit De La Hearts site to watch tutorials and learn all about the benefits using her products! BUY HERE.

4 | Botox & Facials | Skin & Co. Miami |Honestly 2020 gave me the juevos to face my needle fears and try some 'tox (just kidding i still fear needles but my lines were way scarier)! There are a few versions and Gina, co-owner of Skin & Co., had me first try a preservative free 'tox that she recommends for first timers. It was great because 1) it's not permanent 2) I still have plenty of natural movement 3) I looked refreshed! So just before Christmas, I gifted myself a stronger hold 'tox (Dysport) and we hit the areas which I wanted to relax a bit. I mean 2020 had me making all sorts of faces and I already am known for my expressive faces no matter how much I stay quiet! lol I really was most concerned with the permanent scowl forming. My elevens (the lines between your eyes) were on their way to creasing more and more. I'm happy to report that after three weeks, these lines are softening more and more. My forehead is smoother and I just look more refreshed! I also have begun my hydrafacials again to bring back that glow that the holidays drained out of me! Facials once a month and 'tox once a quarter is my new go-to. If you live in Miami, you got to visit these ladies, they have a bunch of amazing rejuvenating procedures. Check out their full list products and treatments HERE.

5 | Limit Social Media on Weekends| No more than 30min-1hour max | During the holiday season I drowned in product launch for my business that over ran my weekends and I had very few days off. So as I got closer to my "winter break" I started limiting the amount of time spent on social. I would record random activities for my pages save it to my phone to only dump post on my stories later. I mean i do this when i go on vacation, why should it be any different when I'm home? It was such a relief because I somehow felt the need I had to keep up my weekly posts schedule to my weekend one. When I started setting a personal cut off, I really started to feel the disconnect and RnR of what a weekend should be AGAIN! So simple, right? The weekends are for rest and I feel that we've lost that a bit along the way with being glued to our phones. I myself rely on social media for work so i totally get it, if this sounds challenging, but if you want to right away start a self-care task, limit your weekend social media time to 30 minutes to an hour. See how that goes! Don't be surprised if you fall off of it completely till Monday!


Well, there's our first TOP 5 January post! I hope you all found one or two things try. All month long we'll be keeping the focus of finding resources to keep us inspired to reach our goals, new self-care rituals and finding routines that instill healthy habits!

Sending you all LOVE & PEACE this New Year!

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