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TOP 5 | Feb

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Why does January feel so long and February feel like a blink? Yes Feb has less days, but you get me right? January felt like a half a year! lol

Anyway, in this month I easily became obsessed with a items I think you may want for yourself as well!


1 | May Cause Miracles by Gabby Bernstein |

Y'all know I love me some Gabby, and she has had this book for some time... It's 40 days longs, what I mean is each day you read, reflect and journal from a passage. It's great if you either want to get into more mindful exercises and mental growth. I've been working on this idea of " love over fear" and attracting all that you wish to manifest for some time. This book really compliments all those ideas and practices by reminding you that miracles happen everyday and how not to block them from your path. Whether you are into it or not but seeking some positive reinforcements, "subtle shifts for radical change in happiness" read this book and grab a notebook for short journaling exercises! [BUY HERE]

*** For more books and gratitude and spiritual tools, check out our Amazon Favorites page for more!

2 |Beauty Rust Eyeshadow Palettes by Coloured Raine Cosmetics |

Loving these shades! What I love about these tones are that they are great for warming up the face from day to night. They also build really well making it functional for each season. [BUY HERE]

3 | Cutie Charm Earrings by TWG Designs |

These hoop earrings are more like huggies as they are super lightweight and look extra cute if you have double piercings on one side. Almost makes me want to get another, but then again I loathe needles. lol However if you're like me with just one piercing on each side, they still look great and I went ahead and mixed me pair up with the "Saturn" charm and "Key to My Heart" charm. There are many types of charms to choose from, but get them while you can. [BUY HERE]

4 | Sockerart Vase by IKEA |

People, I have been searching for an adorable farmhouse vase forever and it never occurred to me to check Ikea. I originally was going there to by pots for a client, as they have great pots and vases for florals, but this is the first time I see this farmhouse look. They had two sizes, large and small. So naturally I bought both lol. [BUY HERE]

5 | POTTED ROSES from your local nursery or Home Depot |

We know that I've slowly been working on my garden. It went from strictly Tea & Herb garden to a few veggies here and flowers there. The thing is I have always wanted to have roses but thought that Miami just wasn't the place for them. However Northern Florida grows them beautifully and I thought, well if they are selling them at Home Depot and our local nurseries that means they can survive right? Welp, so far I've been able to keep them alive and prevent pests and disease as much as possible. I can say that the random hybrid mini roses from Trader Joes are prone to "black spot disease" and make it difficult to tame. This is also because they didn't drain well.

A few tips for potted roses:

  • Place rocks on the bottom of your pots whether you plant the roses in it or keep them in their plastic container.

  • Make sure the soil is moist and don't water till the soil feel a bit dry on the inside. IF you are in Miami Like me, water every few days or every other day depending on how much sun they get. If you notice the soil dry up within the next day , then you will have to water them everyday.

  • The moment you see the rose wilt, snip it off. No need to wait for the petals to fall completely. It's less messy and prevents disease from forming as well. Pruning the bud off is really helpful too, cut an inch or two so it give the opportunity for new buds to grow.

  • The colder it is the slower the bud opens, the warmer the faster. So Miami people do not be shocked at the roses fleeting lifespan, I promise you that they grow back just as fast!

  • Topicals: I feed them every couple of weeks. I use epsom salt, rose feeder (get at your favorite plant shop) that helps with deases and growth and neem oil for the leaves and potential critters.

I hope you enjoyed our TOP 5 of the month. Looking forward to sharing more gardening tips with you all, planning future adventures and more!

Happy March, hope this new month ahead is a great one!

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