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Summer TOP 5 | June, July, Aug

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Summer is here and as the temperatures continue to rise, It's important to be one with the season!

Not just in the garden, but we must do so with our skincare, makeup, wardrobe, diets! When I say diet, I don't mean a strict lose weight type, I mean lets keep our bodies hydrated by incorporating produce to lower our temperatures, hydrate the body and reduce inflammation!!!

Since I'll be alternating items I obsess over in June through August, I figured why not just keep updated this blog post for y'all as a one stop shop?! So yes, it will be more than 5 cause we are combining all three months and let's be real they get mushed together. It's in my opinion the shortest "season" and by season I mean the summer vacay mentality of having breaks from work or school being out.

Enjoy below our Summer Top 5's lists ( and pin this for later as we will keep updated until August!)

Disclaimer: This post may include affiliate links. If you make a purchase using any of our links provided, We may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. We only share what we genuinely love and use ourselves, not sponsored, happy shopping.

JUNE - JULY (AUGUST coming soon)

1| SunBlock Recommendation -WHICH TO DROP | Did you hear the latest news on what blocks to drop? There was a recent report about the BENZENE found in popular brands, especially those in aerosol cans. This is a known carcinogen that if exposed to it long -term can cause Leukemia and other cancers. Stay away from Neutrogena: Ultra-Sheer, Cool Day Sport, Invisible Daily Defense, and Beach Defense. Stay away from: Aveeno: Protect Refresh. READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE

2 | Ray Of Light Swim | ROL swim is back with new colors, print and updated styles. I bought the Stef top in black, mamey, and brick. This top is beyond flattering on small or big chested gals and I was so happy how pretty my very little cleavage looked. I rarely fill out bathing suit tops and these cups are comfortable and a boost! Then I opted for the classic Christie bottom and The Dia bottom, a high waisted sexy cheeky bottom! Pair with an awesome spray tan (we love @glowelixermiami ) BUY SWIM HERE

3| Elevated Neutral Basics | We are absolutely all about the elevated basics year round, but for Summer time, you know things play a fun twist on flirty and sexy. Something we all should embrace in this heat! Oak apparel & Home has been dishing out some series swag in their shop. I've gotten dresses, tops and bottoms for all my leisure and errand filled days. Here are some of my faves below: VIEW & BUY MORE HERE

4 | Morphe 2 Quad Goals | Makeup during the summer is one note for me, but not a bad one, a solid glow with few layers. You won’t catch me wearing foundation or any mega coverage. With the heat the idea of layers of make-up make you sweat, so instead of looking like a sweaty mess I make sure my mua has the right amount of dew so it looks like it on purpose. For the most part, I just dab on my dewy primer, a few spots of concealer, bronzer and warm golden tones. The only time I opt for color is peach. It's the one color that I truly believe is flattering on all skintones. Morphe came out with these stackables called "Quad Goals" and they have five different tones. I obviously love the golden and the peach, there is a nude one too. For beachy vacations, I think this is a great option for easy travel if you feel you may want to pack less. VIEW AND BUY HERE

5| Green Lights by Matthew McConnaughey | My friend Taylor insisted I listen to the audible version of this book as it is narrated by Matthew himself. It’s hilarious, heartfelt and witty. I got the book because of all the golden nuggets he drops. I wanted to revert back to as affirmations I connected with and other reasons that motivated personal goals of mine. Matthew’s delivery and story telling must be heard though, so if you can please listen to the audible first before the book please do so. I listened to it while stuck in Miami traffic and doing other mundane errands. It’s a feel good book with an array of life lessons, he’s not pushing anything, just sharing and if you connect great, if you don’t you’ll be pleasantly entertained for sure. You can listen to it for FREE HERE.

6| Lux Lifestyle Chiropractic | I finally made the time and got the nerve to start getting adjusted. Why now? Well as I continue on my health journey and wish to aid my body as i age, this was next on the list. I had notice I was getting a lot of neck and lower back pain. I knew i was being lazy about stretching but there were moments of sharp pain that made me worry about my regiment of working out and to see if it was conflicting. Long story short I learned that my hip placement was off and that the soft curve of my neck was pin straight. You think straight isn't bad, but there is a subtle "C" curve we all need to withstand certain injury from happening. Fortunately I caught myself before further damage of say, nerve damage, corrosion of disks etc. from happening. Right now I'm visiting Brittany Holiday, owner of Lux Chiro, and she is patient, informative and over all great Chiro overall. I've already begun to feel improvement and looking forward to taking a set of new x-rays next month to see the progress. Will keep you all posted. If you are in Miami, BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY CLICK HERE FOR ALL HER INFO.

7| Garden Shoes by Lucchese | So I have a pair of rainboots from Target which I love, but they are more for everyday walking errands and are black. So the times I use them to do gardening and shoveling they aren't as durable. They are too thin when trying to stick shovel passed the coral rock infested soil and the color black, well my feet are literally on fire after 10 minutes. Easy to clean no doubt, but not good for long hours outside. So that brings me to my new Garden Boot by Lucchese. This brand has an Italian backround but migrated to Texas! Popular among our Cuban-Irish Texan fam too, I've noticed from other blogging garden enthusiasts sporting these and I figured instead of breaking through my cheaper options I invest in a boot for the long run. Plus I'm going to be taking my garden hobby to another level over the years, so why not bring out my Elle Woods side and do it with style. Side note, we have another Texan wedding next year and this one may call for some true Texan style, so please look at all the options they have cause I'm literally drooling over a few looks for fall! VIEW & BUY HERE.

8| Garden Volunteer Classes in Miami by Aloha Redlands | There are a few sites and resources I have found locally that offer classes, but most are online tutorial videos, or they happen once a month ( I mention so resources HERE & HERE). However Aloha Redlands has community volunteering every Friday starting in August (let me know if you end up going). They were closed to the public during the summer months and currently are opening up their concert and workshop event at the end of July (they do yogi/spiritual events there too). They also offer CSA's which is their"Community Supported Agriculture" and you can get fresh produce from them every week, sign up has just begun (7/16/21) for the 2021-2022 season and begins delivery later this fall LEARN MORE HERE! Plenty of pickup options and everything is organically grown! Another great way to support local! To be informed and added to their volunteer gardening on Friday's, sign up for their news letter HERE.

9| Compost System by SubPod | The idea of composting used to gross me out because having been taken to the farmlands when I was a child I couldn't get that smell out of my head. Luckily I'm older and clearly can put up with a lot more. Shout out to Instagram's algorithms and feeding my feed with all things garden and " If you follow this, you make like this". Following local compost profile in Miami led me to this business and how to effectively compost and create that black gold soil for your plants. I told ya'll this hobby has longevity so I got myself a SubPod mini. Still in it's early stages but feeling less guilty dumping scraps of food in the trash and into my subpod mini. There are two sizes and I chose the small one since it was my first time and currently I have it tucked away in the back garden section where I have a cleared out space for future crops. What's cool about this product is the program it brings. It has its own community of other composters, classes and updated news in local communities. It's really great and recommend if you are looking for a non-smelly option of composting. LEARN AND BUY HERE

10| Garden Tools via Amazon | My mom was on a binge of The Good Witch movies last June (this shouldn't shock you due to our Halloween/Fall obsession) and "The Good Witch's Garden" was of course watched and at one point a vintage dibber appeared and ends up being a key prop in the film and I'm like " I need my tools to look as rustic and witchy as this". LOL So I'm slowly finding affordable well reviewed tools and put them in our amazon favs list for easy finding. I truly cant live without my Hori Hori and found a good one via Amazon. In case you aren't sure what a dibber is, it's for planting seeds and bulbs and has measuring points on it. It's a helpful to keep precision in your garden when you are sowing. I'll be adding more tools along the way, so check back often... VIEW AND BUY HERE



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