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NEW SKIN PRODUCT HAUL | by Skin & Co Miami

A week later and I already feel and see a difference in my skin. Sometimes I feel like I'm a broken record talking about new skin regiments on insta feed, but it's been a while since I've really done any medical grade products. The main reason for that is I haven't needed to do anything remotely close since I did Accutane at 24. Which was the best thing ever and should probably update that old blogpost... Now I'm in my thirties and it's time for a tune-up. I spoke briefly about trying botox this passed summer for first time HERE and now I've renewd all my skin-care products due to the positive effects of the products from Skin & Co.


Right now you can contact Skin & CoMIAMI and have a regiment box made for you. For a limited time you can purchase discounted packages dedicated to common problems from our skin. There are three types they put together:

"Living Youthful" |Anti-Aging: Foaming Cleanser, Neck Repair Cream, Ageless Serum and Lash Boost

"Clear, Beautiful Skin" |Acne: Foaming Cleanser, Detox Masque, Clarifying Pads

"Glow Getter"| Brightening: Foaming Cleanser, Brightening Pads, Polish Scrub & Glow Serum

I have combination, normal to dry skin and so I have a few items from each box!

Mine contains: Foaming Cleanser, Clarifying Pads and Glow Serum, Polish Scrub, Obagi SPF 50 .

Currently I'm getting the prolonged effects of wearing a mask on the regular and added stress showing up on my face. The first quarter of the year I made sure to tackle my diet and don't mean a fad diet, just eat whole foods and treat myself only on the weekends and special occasions. Once that got situated I still noticed some dark spots/scars from breakouts I had. So I knew I would need some brightening and acne fighting treatments.

Having normal to dry skin you really want to have an extra dose of moisturizer, so I usually pic up a favorite oil based serums from Oak since they are all natural base simple clean serums, that don't clog my pores. Find the one that works best for you, CLICK HERE FOR OPTIONS.

Product Routine:

Foaming Cleanser by SKIN & CO- Great for all skin types, I use it morning and night! Doesn't dry or irritate my skin, very gentle. Day & Night

Clarifying Pads by SKIN & CO - After clean skin, I give it a swipe and feel right away its strength (can be used 1-2x a day, if feeling dried out, limit to one time a day). Day & Night

Glow Serum by SKIN & CO- With 15% medical grade L-Ascorbic Acid, this is sure to boost your over all glow, boost collagen production and even out your complexion. Day

Favorite Moisturizer- Pair with your favorite. If you have naturally oily skin, the glow serum may just be enough for you.

Obagi 50 SPF - You don't have to be on the beach to wear spf, we all know that driving, walking to work is time spent in the sun! Plus any medical grade product should be treated and protected. Day

Polish Scrub by SKIN & CO- It's a really light scrub and benefits shedding all the dead skin that doesn't easily come off from just face wash. 1-2 times a week, due to my skin type I only do once a week.

While Skin & Co does not currently have all their products listed on their website, call or DM them on Instagram to get your products ready for pick up or delivery. If you are out of state, call and see if they can accommodate you [ VISIT HERE ].

In one months time I will take a photo of the overall progress, but for now I notice tighter, more youthful appearance to skin. I also notice smaller pores, especially around my nose/ T-Zone area. I can see a huge difference there. I love that the texture of my skin is softer and makeup application is like butter. So all win wins!

If you are in search of products, I would look into there products by Skin & Co. I had already been testing some out since I started this past summer, but now I have a whole package to work with and it makes a world a difference.

LET'S GET OUR GLOW ON and share our before and afters next month!

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