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Health & Wellness | during COVID-19

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

It's been well over a week of full quarantine across the country, while others in different countries are already passing two. I feel terribly for our family and friends across seas and all of us here in the U.S. . We are doing our part in social distancing and only going out in caution for the essentials. We also order take out from local small restaurants to help support these business as much as possible. It helps a lot in not going through all of our provisions all while helping the economy in little ways possible.

At home we are taking advantage of organizing the different corners of our homes, we use our go to "The Home Edit" book and their instagram (helpful if you don't have the book) to get some really gorgeous ideas with the materials we have at home. Then in the meantime if we are needing something to complete a project, say labels, we just make a note for the future but for the most part you can accomplish without having to step outside your home. If you still haven't gotten enough of a boost to organize something in the house just simply watch Marie Kondo on Netflix. Just a couple episodes in and you will itch to throw out half your closet and seek what items "spark joy" or not! lol. If you have items that are in great condition, consider donating to a family member. We donate a lot of our fashionable items to our younger cousins. Anything that they don't want, we now have the time to take a few pictures to see which items work for Poshmark.

We've been ahead of the whole "working out at home" trend from our awesome affiliate program, Beachbody. Hopefully if you've followed us long enough, you too knew exactly what to do when your local gyms closed and had our back up workouts pinned. I'm beyond grateful because the company gave us wonderful links for the whole family to have during this time. (find full link below)

We not only have several adult 30 minute workouts but we also have sixteen workouts your kids can do. Hello P.E. at home. It's a variety of group workouts for kids and even dance combination classes for them. Whether your kid is a dancer or not, consider them working their muscle memory with those classes! Plus, dancing is always a good idea during these uncertain times. (find full link below)

For those that wish to workout in a group we have a few zoom waves we can share with you! please DM us via instagram to get the private link. If you want more information on these samples and wish to learn about the programs and their entirety, please DM @caropozo or @blonde2brunette

WORKOUT LINKS & DESCRIPTION: Beachbody Kids: -This link is a special channel to give your kids the chance for P.E. at home (16 videos total)!!! 10 Rounds sample: - mix of boxing & lifting Barre Blend sample: -barre, Pilates and cardio burn 6 Weeks of The Work sample:…/6-weeks-of-the…/workouts - NBA super trainer, explicit athletic style LIIFT4 sample: -lifting and HIIT 21 day fix sample:…/21-day-fix-rea…/overview - classic full body cardio & weights 21 day fix extreme sample:…/21-day-fix-ext…/overview - classic full body cardio & weights Morning Meltdown sample:…/morning-meltdo…/workouts -live DJ on set, 10 different formats over 100 days Transform 20 sample:…/transform-20/workouts -Shaun T and a step-up. Shift Shop sample:…/shift-shop/workouts -Classic weights & cardio athletic style

Pregnant? We have Sylvia's favorite preggo workouts CLICK HERE.

Need more health and fitness inspo? CLICK HERE.


Try 21 Day Guided Meditation by Gabby Bernstein | It's not the first time I bring her up, and surely wont be the last. Gabby released a signup for her 21 day challenge I decided to go for it. I needed a little extra help in structuring my days but also a stronger guidance in alignment. I love that I am able to keep these for life and can go back to them as often as I like! She does a variety of challenges a year, so I recommend signing up on her mailing list or follow her in instagram to get updates. These meditations are great for all levels of those who wish to meditate. I personally keep going back to DAY 5 (I'm currently on day 10) as it is a meditation to aid in sleep. Which has been beyond helpful. Even my husband enjoys it and requests to play it as well. You don't have to wait for her next 21 day challenge as she has a variety of guided meditation compilations available. [FOLLOW HER HERE FOR UPDATES]

Want to try meditation on your own? Visit our blogpost on beginners meditation exercise you can do right now. [CLICK HERE]


Trying to keep some form of normalcy is a must. It's also a blessing for those who maybe needed to slow down a bit and are fortunate to work from home. I still strongly recommend that you keep a schedule during the regular "work week". Especially for all our overnight homeschooling mammas out there. If you have a planner set aside a few times a day that can contribute to your health and wellness, your work hours and meal hours. Fill out that weekly planner, even if you don't have much going on, it's healthy to see structure in chaos. Especially for the kids.

Need ideas for homeschooling at home? We are so fortunate that the positive side to social media is connection. So you can find a ton of homeschooling youtube channels, pinterest printables, projects and of course instagram! The possibilities are endless. Look for the homeschooling mama that fits your vibe. We'll be making a Pinterest board dedicated to our favorite finds for this category.

We've also seen this link circulate a lot in the past week on social media "Yale's famous course "The Science of Well Being" by Dr. Laurie Santos is available for free to audit the class. Two years ago I saw this on Facebook by my friend who always post all the wellness finds. He's a person who has done the 'Camino de Santiago' more than once. So I knew it had to be good. At the time I (Caro) was by myself in Atlanta for three months for pilot season and found that I had plenty of time to dabble in this course. It's all about reprogramming your behaviors and perspective. So if you want a little homeschooling sesh yourself- DO IT! Check it out HERE.


You know what we also have an opportunity to do? Read more. It's good to disconnect and just relax and escape. Or maybe you're like us and we've got ourselves refreshing sections of Rachel Hollis and Gabby Bernstein pages. Maybe you are cleaning up the house a bit and want to to "multi task". How about shutting off the news a bit, downloading an audible or their podcasts of one of these empowering favorites and hustle on. Who know's you might shape your master plan with their uplifting words.


For the time being, we'll be updating this blog as we find more resourceful ways to implement a steady and positive health & wellness lifestyle at home as we continue our time with COVID-19. So keep checking back or follow our stories via instagram for any updates.

Hope you all have a beautiful Sunday with your loved ones, be it 6 feet apart or via a webcam, social connections are not canceled so take this time to catch up!

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy friends.


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