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Desert Fiesta Floral Runner | DIY

This very colorful and fun floral design was originally made for my dear friend Amy for her bridal shower last August. You might recognize her name from her dreamy fall wedding feature "A Bird Song Wedding" [click here to view] . Amy has very eclectic taste and loves bringing a variety of elements when it comes to decorating her own parties and events. Her bridesmaids and I understood her love for dreamcatchers, desert boho vibes and tacos! Her matron of honor coordinated the invites, party supplies, games etc. Her bestie Monic cooked all of the food (taco bar was the bomb) and bought a bunch of faux cacti from Micheal's to throw around the whole yard (which there will be a sale on those again very soon), and I got the chance to host at my fiance's (my future) casa and decorate the tables, prep the dessert table, and photobooth. All in all it was great teamwork and wonderful surprise for the bride!!!

You can see film footage of these flowers in the making via our DIY Highlight story and Party Planning Highlight story from our INSTAGRAM.



My goal was to match colors of the desert sunset; yellow, pinks, reds,whites. Mixed with some fun greens. Then there was a play with a bunch of mini succulents. Magically Pantone never lets me down and had the color palate i was looking for.


  • Mini Succulents- you can get this at home depot and they come in a bundle pack or if you are South Florida local check out ISAAC FARM [ click here] in the Redlands area

  • Mini Ceramic Pots - You can find a a variety at the dollar store and Michael's Craft Store, for decor purposes, I enjoyed the size variety from Michael's

  • 1 Bag Of Potting Soil - One standard bag will last you for mini potted plants!

You can pot these a couple weeks in advance to save yourself some time. This also allows the roots to lock in and survive potential windy days, come party time.

Tip: Tablespoon of water ever 4-6 days.


  • Prep your containers, we love our easy and affordable mason jars. Any containers of your choice will do. We played with 12oz and 8oz

  • Like all our floral bouquets find your fill, spill and your mains. Don't know what I'm talking about, visit our instagram DIY and Party Planning Highlights as I take you step by step.

  • The fill and main flowers (roses and chrysanthemum) in these bouquets can almost act as one, as our spills (snapdragons) are actually tall and stalky with the exception of the eucalyptus.

  • Keep your arrangements in a cold corner of your home until the main event.

  • If the party is outdoors, place bouquets a couple hours prior to event to avoid wilting from the hot sun.


We had long rectangular tables and I like to mix an odd amount of flower decor on each table for each size 12oz mason fills and 8oz. For example: three 12oz containers and three 8oz or you can do three 12oz containers and five 8oz. That's a good way to start, but you do you and play around with placement.


I hope you enjoyed these desert floral table runners. The colors are perfect for summer fun gathering of any kind. I hope you will try the succulent and flower combo for your next gathering, tag us if you do so we can feature you!




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