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A PINTEREST "HOW TO" | Featuring A Birdsong Wedding

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

For some time we've been planning baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays and a while back before the blog even existed, Sylvia's wedding. We've spoken about what we look for in decorating themes and creating an ambiance for holidays and special occasions on the blog. Now with the recent Pinterest feature of organizing SECTIONS within boards, I feel like they struck gold and it couldn't have come at a better time. I myself have been incorporating this new feature with my own personal wedding board. I still would like to leave the reveal of the wedding details till the day of, but I didn't want to miss out on sharing our way of organizing and using Pinterest to it's max potential on party planning. So instead I'll be showing you in the coming months weddings of my dear friends that I have had the privilege to attend (starting today) and their awesome themes, vendors and then some. I will also organize their photos to their corresponding sections, but first let's talk more about these "sections".

If you look at the pin-able image above, you will see some key sections of any "MAIN BOARD": color palette, lighting, tablescapes, florals, food & dessert, invites. This is a great base for maybe a birthday or shower, maybe a wedding. I say maybe, because I myself have more section in my wedding Pinterest board. Let's go over them shall we?


MAIN BOARD - This is the home of all your sections. Your title of event. ex) Caro & Celso's Wedding

MOOD BOARD - Is at the top of my wedding section, but the last board I filled. Once I get the over all feel of the wedding/event I pin the top 2-3 pins from each group and place them in this section. A great way to inspire or get your feel across to any vendor you come in contact with.

COLOR PALETTE - A great way to show your vendors in a flash the over all colors. Pin flower bouquets, paint swatches and these days people have made color palette wheels and such for pinning too!

VENUES - A great way to collect images of potential locations or different shots of the venue you have found.

LIGHTING - cCandles, lanterns, bistro lights, overhead lighting, special effects lighting etc.

TABLESCAPES - Linens, plates, potential set up of candle and floral decor.

FLORALS - Bouquet, floral runner, ideas of different corners of potential venue.

INVITES - Fonts, paper, color scheme, over all mood of invites with flat lay pins. "Save the Dates" "Wedding Suite"

FOOD|CAKE |DESSERT - Depending on your location you might have a specific dish in mind. Cake design ideas.

GUEST ACTIVITIES - I pinned a variation of "sign in books", place cards and seating charts etc.

CITY TRADITIONS - Does your location have special traditions? NoLa has specific music and food traditions. Also great to consider small items for the welcome baskets in hotel.

ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS - It's always nice to have a list of shots that you dream to have of your own engagment session. So many examples of poses and images that have been pinned already. Your photographer is a visual person. They will have a better idea of what shots to look for. Also a great way to show the color/ tone you are looking for in your shots.

WEDDING DAY PHOTOS - Just as listed above, except this is the day. I personally love and need detailed SHOTS. Not all photographers do that, so either you find someone seasoned or show them samples. I also want a group of shots capturing all the action of each moment. While the other group of shots, I want detailed images of the tables, flowers, lighting, venue, dress detail etc.


If you were planning your own wedding and wanted to include a board for wedding dresses, wedding day makeup, hair, shoes, nails and all bridal accessories etc. You may just want to have that board for yourself incase you are sharing the party planning board with your fiance' and want to keep the bridal look a secret.


I had our wedding event board done and tweaked before I went to Nola to scout venue locations. It made it very easy to communicate the "over all feel" to the event coordinator at the hotel. It also made it easy for our venue to recommend which of the vendors provide this exact look and feel.

Pinterest photos of weddings and styled photoshoots can sometimes make this process daunting and also feel as though an unreachable expectation, but using this method of organizing each section to then approach vendors if they have a similar feel or maybe better idea than the one you are showing them can help versus pressuring them to do exactly what they see.

Did you notice the photo to the left? Isn't this dress beautiful? My dear friend Amy, married the love of her life, B.J. on a cool crisp day on November 11th, 2018. I actually got the honor to officiate them and witness another side of event planning. Amy and BJ are very blessed in every way. Every corner of the venue had the helping hands of their closest friends. From Engagement party, to bridal shower, to wedding day - their heart and soul went into every detail of Amy & B.J.'s dream wedding.

Their wedding took place at Birdsong Barn in Titusville, Florida just 40 minutes shy of Orlando. Their ceremony and reception was a one stop shop location. Lush gardens and oak trees with Spanish moss surround this lot allowing the space to feel intimate given the several acres of land. I particularly loved how they created floating barn doors for the ceremony space to guide the guest in giving the feel of an enclosed space in an open piece of land. Kiki Creates is the photography for both their engagement session and wedding day. The consistency is mood is perfect and a great way to set the tone of the events to come. Kiki creates has this warm and moody tone with her photos, very appropriate for the fall, jewel colored dresses and florals of the wedding. The consistency was well executed by the bride and groom and I cant tell you that the themes were fined tuned on Pinterest in each passing month. Amy has a huge love for eclectic boho vibes. She incorporated many colors, textiles and themes but all within a shabby chic finish. Enjoy the photos below and how we pinned them within each board. Obviously when it comes to your own wedding pins, you will first have a variety of finds, but constantly edit as you reach a particular look for each and finish them off in the "MOOD BOARD" section, to see it all together!

Hope you enjoy the captures of this beautiful, I truly did.




WEDDING DRESS |Tia Adora style 7757 from Soliloquy Bridal [click here]

DESSERTS | Main Cake: Whole Foods, Dessert table: Costco & BJ's

FLORIST |Florida Whole Sale Florist [click here] & Trader Joe's (assembled by Bridesmaid squad)

MAKE-UP & Officiant (lol) | The Sugar Cottage [click here]


AMY & B.J.



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