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Bridgerton X Pat McGrath MUA

Hey babes...I know it's been a while since I've done any type of heavy make-up haul, and the truth is I wear less and and less make-up as often as possible. I still love it to death, but I only save it for filming, shoots, social events and date night. The majority of the time I'm drenching my face in skin products from Skin Local lol. My wear of MUA had already been on the decline a few years prior to quarantine. Even with the way of the world making it back, you will still find me bare faced daily with balm, serum and spf!

I wish I could say I'm saving money on not buying makeup items as often as I would back in the day, but the funds have just migrated more and more towards botox, facials and nutrition products hahaha. So instead I have found myself only spending money on great products that have a solid formula and scratch the itch when I'm in need of a heavy glam. I still pick up a few of my holy grail drug store items every quarter but the show stoppers I go all in on a set annually. Last year I bought myself the beautiful Marilyn Monroe Besame Cosmetics set and this year, I treated myself to the new Pat McGrath x Bridgerton collab shadows, cheek and lipstick!

*product photos by Pat McGrath

If you aren't familiar with her line, it is a bit pricey, but the quality is superb and they do last! I started collecting her highlights, balms and shadows long before she was in Sephora. Her packaging is pretty incredible and when I would order from her directly, her products would be in bags full of shimmering sequence. I do believe she does that still! What is incredible with this collab is that her price points are lower and three of her Bridgerton items is actually the cost of one of her traditional eyeshadow palettes. So i can say that it's WORTH IT!


I went ahead and did my first try on with my latest purchase of the shadow palette, blush palette and for the first time I bought her lipsticks. It feels like a juicy balm but saturated in color. The formula of her lipstick has me upset that I waited this long to purchase them.

I was going for an overall soft jewel tone look. I definitely have to explore some more dramatic looks, but the one I created is great for brunch with the gals. Here's what I used.

Colors used on eye (in order):

• Forever Charmed (crease)

•Regency Romance (center crease)

•Refinement (Lid)

•Diamond’s Desire (corners)



•Champagne Venus




On our try-on video via our instagram you can see a few tips/tricks I do when applying my makeup and product. You can watch the extended version on our Youtube Channel

I hope you enjoyed this latest makeup haul and plan to bring new looks with this collection soon!


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