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Here at B2B one of our favorite pastime is to arrange flowers for parties, special occasions and just because. We thought it would be a wonderful idea to showcase our arrangements here on the blog with some helpful tips and facts once a month featuring the latest blooms from one of our local shops or Trader Joe's. You can often find us pickup weekly florals at Trader's since it's easy in and easy out. Most of our wholesale shops we visit our in different warehouse districts. We occasionally go there for events and special occasions, but we also find ourselves wanting to frequent there for special select florals. We often get questions on our stories of where we buy, how do we come up with the arrangements and so on. You can find these DIY steps on our @blonde2brunette highlight. Where we speak of color palettes , 3 types of florals to pick; spill, fill, & main. and how we arrange them.

The purpose of our "BLOOMS OF THE MONTH" is to inspire you to have fun when picking your flowers and not stress being too matchy-matchy or if one flower works with another.

This month's blooms are spur of the moment pickings. We were visiting Jet Flowers Whole sale for the first time and just wanted to see what their selection was all about! We will be having a bridal shower to plan for and wanted to add Jet as part of our shopping spots. It was so worth it!

We played with wild flowers and traditional roses but all with soft and unique textured petals. We randomly bought these deep red garden roses that have an oxblood tone to them, with no intention of it working with our bouquet, but we just had to have them.



  • Cut your floral steps at an angle to ensure their ease of drinking water.

  • Remove excess leaves on your floral stems. this helps prevent bacteria from growing and infecting the space and water the flowers are in. I sometimes leave some at the bud of the flower for fillings, but thats about it.

  • Invest in floral cutters or designated scissors for your flower arranging tools. This helps to keep sharpness and strength in your tools. I still say get floral cutters for pesky green stems!

  • Large vases are great for bouquets with excess filling and spill greens.

  • Medium vases are great for bouquets with less filling and more focus on the main florals

  • Small vases are great for the main florals you want to showcase, if you get bored with one flower in a small vase try adding the same flower but a different color and one stem of greens for texture.

  • Vases can come in all types and if you want to be creative, you also don't have to spend a fortune either when picking your containers. Visit your local dollar store, craft sore, door buster section at Target and have fun with your choices.

  • If you want the easiest and cleanest choice in picking containers that don't obstruct the table, counter, or mantle you place it on, try sticking to clear glass vases. We also recycle a lot of mason jars and simple glass bottles for our flowers. [click here for example]


Below view our flowers of the month featuring:

Garden Roses, David Austin Roses, Ranunculus, Sweet Pea, Thistle & Astrantia.


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