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TOP 5 | January

We're bringing back out "Top 5" post to share the absolute favs of the month and why we can't help but share. Genuinely we only share products that we truly feel serve a purpose or simply bring us joy! So here we go...

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through any link, I may receive a

potential commission at no extra cost to you.


1| MIND BODY SOUL PLANNERS | Last month I mentioned planners I had created to help serve our mind, body and soul. You can read about it and all the tools I'm bringing with me into 2024 to help organize and charge through the year READ IN DETAIL HERE. I'm bringing it into our Top 5 because halfway into the month I'm finding it sustainable and time manageable, but again that was the point for me in creating these planners. Simple but still with a good chunk of systems to streamline your goals. They come in Quarterly Hardcover & Paperback BUY HERE, and Yearly Hardcover & Paperback BUY HERE. I will also have them available for purchase in person at our storefront at the end of the month in Miami. Let me know if you want the details.

2| VISION BOARD BOOK | The entire month of January I take the time to edit and edit and edit my physical vision board and the digital vision board I keep on my phone (using Widgetsmith). I was perusing on Amazon one late night during the week between Christmas and NYE and fell upon the vision board themed books. Where they are high quality images of pictures and text of a variety of themes. I'm really big on visualization and meditating on it daily. Not to mention it's the first thing I see in the AM, when I go for my morning workout. Instead of printing a bunch of images and buy whole lot of magazines, I have this book. It will stay near me, as I do believe as the months go on, certain goals will be honed in, revealed and a few images may be replaced. Never stop editing your life until it feels solid in your bones! BUY HERE

3| WASHI + AESTHETICALLY PLEASING HIGHLIGHTERS & PENS + HAPPY PLANNER STICKERS | I never shy away from decorating my planners and journals and having the right tools is worth it! At least for this Virgo. I've curated all my favorites in one place, TAKE A LOOK HERE. You can also see me swatch these gorgeous soft highlighters HERE.

4| EMILY LEX WATERCOLOR WORKBOOK & STICKERS | Watercolor is a hobby that is relaxing and calming for me. I sometimes paint with music on, at a picnic with my hubby, outside in our home garden or after the baby (and even my husband) is fast asleep, the house is lit with candles and not a sound is heard. I also love a good class and Emily Lex Studio is a company that provides an online coarse and workbooks with step by step instructions. It's a nice challenge without feeling like you have to follow every step. If you're looking for a product to inspire you to paint, easy to travel with. I would check out her line of products, not to mention stationery! VIEW ALL WATERCOLOR WORKBOOKS HERE

5| "YOU ARE PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR CLEANING UP YOUR VIBRATION AND BECOMING AN ENERGETIC MATCH TO THE LIFE YOU HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR." @KRISTINALICARE | There's the law of attraction right, the main thing to always know is you are what you attract. So what you put out is super important. You know deep down where you need to push yourself, let things go and please give yourself grace with self talk. You have the goods. YOU GOT THIS AMIGA.


Wishing you all a beautiful year ahead, happy planning!

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