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This month was inspired by our little Sylvi's Birthday, who just turned seven this passed week. We went very specific with our florals and kept it to a minimum to showcase a beautiful coral pink Italian Cloony Ranunculus, paired with green Hellebore flowers.

What makes "Cloony Ranunculus" different from the others? They are considered the most beautiful of the Ranunculus family due to their size and the amount of textured petals they give. For example, the ones we find at Traders or Wholefoods are usually no bigger than an inch to two inches in diameter where Clooneys start at 2 inches to 4 inches.

Fun fact there are over 500 species of Ranunculus.

What are Hellebores? They are a Eurasian flower and only have 20 species. They are known to be one of the first blooming flowers in winter and continue to bloom in the early spring.

What I love about the Hellebore is that it acts as a spill and a fill. Making it very easy to pair with any "main" floral you want to showcase. The Ranunculus and Hellebore are the perfect combo of flowers if you want to make a subdued statement with your florals and place them among the house or brunch/dinner table. You can easily place these florals in bud vases for a shabby chic garden effect.

We placed ours in mason jars for a S/M sized arrangement. Scroll down for all the views and everyday helpful tips when making your arrangement.



  • Cut your floral steps at an angle to ensure their ease of drinking water.

  • Remove excess leaves on your floral stems. this helps prevent bacteria from growing and infecting the space and water the flowers are in. I sometimes leave some at the bud of the flower for fillings, but thats about it.

  • Invest in floral cutters or designated scissors for your flower arranging tools. This helps to keep sharpness and strength in your tools. I still say get floral cutters for pesky green stems!

  • Large vases are great for bouquets with excess filling and spill greens.

  • Medium vases are great for bouquets with less filling and more focus on the main florals

  • Small vases are great for the main florals you want to showcase, if you get bored with one flower in a small vase try adding the same flower but a different color and one stem of greens for texture.

  • Vases can come in all types and if you want to be creative, you also don't have to spend a fortune either when picking your containers. Visit your local dollar store, craft sore, door buster section at Target and have fun with your choices.

  • If you want the easiest and cleanest choice in picking containers that don't obstruct the table, counter, or mantle you place it on, try sticking to clear glass vases. We also recycle a lot of mason jars and simple glass bottles for our flowers.






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