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You know we love a good tablescape and when I got the opportunity to host a winter themed friendsgiving last year, it was a nice break from my go-to pumpkin runner. It was held on the 30th and Thanksgiving had come the week prior (anyone else thrown off by it's tardiness this year?). This time I took full advantage of the large pinecones, white pine from Trader Joe's and extra fern, spruce and holly I found from local wholesaler, Unlimited Flowers. Whether a large party or just one table like ours, this is a quick and easy way to make the table look cozy and lux without breaking the bank.


One garland of white pine from Trader Joe's was ( and is this year) $7.99, it's got a great length to it and depending on the size of your table, you may be able to double it up.

The beauty of green stems either from a wholesaler or Trader's, they tend to be on the cheap side and you can get a nice bushel for under 10 bucks. I ended up having extra from the bouquets of greens I bought, so I grabbed some more mason jars and made a few more bouquets of greens and put them around the yard.

Plates are from our inventory and we bought them from the dollar tree! For anyone learning about this for the first time- GO TO THE DOLLAR TREE - and be amazed by the dish-ware for even the most formal events in your home!

Also from our inventory and are chargers from Pier1 and napkins from Bed Bath & Beyond.

When building your tablescapes, place your charger/place settings down first to see how much space you actually have. Sometimes we may get too excited and leave zero room for your guest's area. lol

*scroll below for more tips & inspo


The previous Christmas year we were gifted with some yard games for the house and got to enjoy them with our friends, and planted them in front of out studio space underneath the bistro lights. It was great because everyone got to take up different areas of our yard... Also those large square scarfs from target? I threw them around different seating areas incase people got cold and it ended up getting chilly that night.


The menu was a full on Thanksgiving/holiday feast.Per usual, I made my mother's turkey, a gingerbread spiced cake and nabbed a few extra sweet nibbles from TJ's, cause why the heck not?! Our guest, brought the best homemade dishes, wine and then some. Nothing like seeing everyone busting out their crock pots and showing up with oven mitts like any classic holiday commercial you see on your tv's today.

For extra help on creating your epic feast menu, please CLICK HERE for all the recipe's we use for such occasions.


So that's our take on WINTER PINE TABLESCAPE. I hope this warms your heart as it does mine. Looking forward to sharing some new festive tablescapes this month with you...stay tuned.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays




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