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Chic Texan Wedding

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

When you think of a Texan wedding. Do you think of big hair, bold colors, bbq and a barn? Well as sweet and beautiful those weddings are, my cousin Joan and Jacob are not the stereotype one hears. You see my cousin was born in Chicago. My aunt is from Chicago and uncle from Florida (met in the medical world). So you can say that Joan (future celebrity cosmetic derm) and Jacob (an orthopaedic surgeon ) all white wedding was influenced from some awesome cities. The one Texan thing that stands out is the wedding party, "Go Big or Go HOME Y'All!!!" There is something very impressive to see how beautiful a large bridal party looks on the altar. I was very surprised at how kind and smooth this whole wedding process went. What I mean is, I was a bridesmaid and I didn't witness any bridesmaidzilla. Not exactly sure if that's the proper name to describe it, but I've been a bridesmaid and helped plan a few bridal events where there is always "one"...but this wedding was a breeze! I can honestly say that Joan has the kindest, loving and most resourceful group of ladies I have ever met.

This wedding took place in Tyler, Texas. A small town about an hour from Dallas. This town is full of doctors and business oriented people. Basically if anything were to happen to you in the middle of this wedding weekend, you were covered. lol. What I love about this town is how quickly you can get to everything, the micro brews, coffee shops, sweet shops, bbq, and the people! They are always down to boogie.

The rehearsal dinner was special. It was sunny and a crisp 65 degrees. The large bridal party and their families gathered the night before. They shared the sweetest words and cheered the night along. The location is called "The Grove", there are a few different areas to this place. A main restaurant, two bars, outdoor seating and larger rental/dining area with it's own courtyard. That's where we were. It's a fantastic spot for cocktails and live music!


The Rehearsal Dinner...


The following day all the girls got together at my aunt's house. We had breakfast, snacks and later lunch set up. It was an amazing and productive day getting ready. I'm talking two makeup artist and two hairstylist, bridesmaids steaming dresses and picking up as we go. Joan was sweet to get us matching pj's [which I spoke about in our April Top5 CLICK HERE], earrings, flip-flops and a heartfelt note of nostalgia.

Throughout the day the weather was a little special. It was overcast with scattered showers here and there. The closer we got to the ceremony hour, the lighter the rain. Joan was full of grace, she shrugged her shoulders, if that, she was poised and more worried about everyone else than herself. What a kind and thoughtful bride as watched her.. it truly was a beautiful and special day ahead. The dramatic weather actually added to the elegance of all white and black uniform... The vintage rolls pulled up and it was time for father and bride to head out!

Enjoy the photos & video of this beautiful and elegant all white wedding.

We are so incredibly happy for Joan & Jacob.

Wishing you a blessed marriage, full of health, love and happiness!





The Bride's details...


The Ceremony...


The Reception...

* Fun fact Joan had an empty vase for all the bridesmaid's bouquets across the king tables. A great way to bring in table decor and practicality into the mix. Also there were their favorites for the dessert table (the chocolate cake was flown in from Joan's favorite bakery in Chicago!).


and just a few extra moments of the night...

Joan & Jacob


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