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TOP 5 | April - May

Oh man, how are you all? It's been a crazy end to our spring. Besides an unpredictable work schedule, my friends and family all have had or are about to have some life events; wedding, engagement party, baby shower, big birthday bashes. I cant keep track and I'm doing wonder woman poses in hopes I absorb a large portion of energy from thin air. A girl can dream, but in the midst of the crazy there are always items to find, rediscover and obsess about. So here's both April and May's top five!

Top 5 (x2) April & May:

1| Quay Australia (Black) Sunglasses | These flat lensed aviators have a habit of selling out. They are part of a special collection designed by Desi Perkins (mua vlogger). They are called "High Key" and have a beautiful gradient lenses. My favorite thing about them is they are light weight and if you think that the gradient lense will have sunlight seeping through, think again! They are dark AF and come in four shades! [BUY HERE]

2| Quay Australia (Rose Gold) Sunglasses | It's hard to tell that these mirror lenses are solid rose gold tint, but they are and so fun for summer and festival wear. Another big sized lense and lightweight fit, called " HALL OF FAME"! [BUY HERE]

3| AQUA Gold Hoops | These hoops are sold exclusively at Bloomingdales. I bought both in gold and silver. They are dainty and lightweight. Great for a minimal look. [BUY HERE]

4| LUSH Cup O' Coffee Face Mask | I've posted about this before, this coffee and agave based face mask / scrub is best used in the morning. I really feel my face looks refreshed and feel smooth and free of build up. I had a bad month of back to back travel and this with a combination of my oil serums I use, I got back on track! [BUY HERE]

5| Glossier Vitamin C Serum | I was all about rejuvenating my skin in time for that "no makeup sun kissed face" this summer and added this serum to the mix! Vitamin C and Magnesium are the top two components here, for brightening and tightening. [BUY HERE]

6| Boscia Charcoal Mask| This is not the one you've been seeing on social media, but does tighten, firms and clean out your pores and you get to have fun peeling it off after it dries. [BUY HERE]

7| Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Souffle | This body cream is decadent, smells divine, and hydrates! A great gift for any woman too. [BUY HERE]

8| NYX 'Bright Idea' Blush Stick| I got the shade "Coralicious", this cream blush stick blends easily and effortlessly into my skin! I love that it has a light shimmer to it as well. It's meant for strobing, and can be added to any high points of the face, but in this shade I would stick to rouging your cheeks and lips. Theres over 10 shades to choose from btw. [BUY HERE]

9| Essie Nail Polish | Peach Daiquiri (pink tone) and Tart Deco (orange tone) to go with my CORAL CRUSH post, these are some nail shades I've been playing with. [BUY HERE]

10| OPI Nail Polish | Meet My Decorator (red orange tone) has to be my top choice nail color this summer, It is also the equivalent to MAC's MANGROVE as posted in CORAL CRUSH. After researching, they also have a GEL polish version! [BUY HERE]

Well I hope you enjoyed my TOP 5 (x2) list. I will be adding my skin regimen to the blog shortly to let you in on my cocktail for my face and body. I'm really happy with the last few products I've acquired for when my skin takes a beating. Though the number ONE RULE. HYDRATE. HYDRATE. HYDRATE! When I get lazy, I notice it right away. If the texture and complexion is off, so is your foundation and everything leading to a smooth application for your makeup.

Drink up buttercup!



* "HALL OF FAME" sunnies, No make-up, sunblock and my beau.


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