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TOP 5 | March

Last day of MARCH! I can't believe it, where has this year gone?!?!?!?!

I've been living out of a suitcase basically the last two months (and 6 flights later), so not much space to acquire new items (until I do some extra spring cleaning of course lol). Along the way of being in LA and NYC, it was cold and windy, so I was craving a lot of lip balm, trendy walking shoes, and mobile devices for work!

Behold my top 5 for March:

1| ADIDAS | I'll admit I'm not one to wear sneakers or anything that resembles a sneaker outside the gym, but between seeing all the chic photos of women in paris with their casual kicks and the versatility of outfits I saw in LA with these casual shoes, I went for it. My girl Bianca took me to the nearest DSW in Sherman Oaks and I got a pair for under 55 bucks. Not bad, not bad... I loved the look paired with my leather jacket, striped tee, relaxed denim, and bold red lips. Tres Chic! Scroll to the bottom to see outfit. [BUY HERE]

2| REVLON KISS in Peach | Damn you dry weather and wind. My goodness all i wanted to do was drench myself in coconut oil, but alas I needed a quicker alternative and CVS had these adorable balm sticks in fruity flavors. They give very little tint, smell great and no taste! [BUY HERE]

3| NYX LIP in Abu Dhabi | Very few items from this brand fail, and every month or so I find myself sticking to a color from my collection. This brown nude is universal to all skin tones. I also love that it's buildable. [BUY HERE]

4| METAL MARVELS Bracelet | My sister and her hubs got me the cutest and funniest bracelet that says "I RUN ON COFFEE, HUSTLE & CURSE WORDS" . This company is all about bold and funny obscene statements and well that makes perfect sense to me! Check out this company for the fiercest jewelry and gift ideas! [BUY HERE]

5|iPAD PRO & Pencil | Well this past x-mas my babe surprised me with this and I couldn't believe it because it wasn't something I told people about and yet his sneaky self got this amazing tool for me. Because that's what the ipad pro is for me, an amazing tool! I use this as a portfolio for my print work and acting material, cake designing, photo editing and hand drawn clip art for TWG Designs. It's a way to go green, works great for my clients when they want to see a clear images of my work or want to come up with a cake sketch right then an there. the possibilities are endless ad it's a great investment for not just art related tools but any business really. You can see a quick little demo bellow of a teal understated barrel cake. [BUY HERE]

#ootd Photo Credit: @jianvasquez




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