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HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE- and I will keep saying "HNY" till the end of the month!

It's already 12 days into the new year and I can already feel the momentum building. This passed year was a very exciting one for me. A lot of pages were turned, goals checked off and beautiful moments made, that will only elevate this new year. There were also many trying moments, fearful moments and sad events that have only made myself stronger and those dear to me stronger. All in all, the year ended perfect. I have a lot of work to do this year (though it doesn't feel like work, when you love what you do) and many beautiful moments ahead for my loved ones. I think this might just be the most weddings, baby showers, engagements, and even dear friends of mine are opening up a store front (more details on that to come MIAMI!!) !!! I'll have all of these events in 12 months.

Lord help my budgeting and coffee intake. LOL - no really my heart just skipped a beat.

In 2017, I hope that the blog provides up to date content. This blog is a creative space to share with anyone who loves all things creative, helpful tips and fun community.

I'm very fortunate for the feedback my sister and I have received and look forward to providing more fun|entertaining| useful content ahead.

I'm putting out our 2017 blog goals into the UNIVERSE and hopes that we stay on point of what our intentions our! Join us below and if you are starting a blog yourself, maybe use our goals list as an outline and check out my Pinterest board below for "inspo" and helpful tips.


  • Post minimum, once a week.

  • Bring back monthly "Top 5".

  • Once every 2 months make youtube tutorial or product review.

  • Take more OOTD & Flatlays.

  • Every month all catagories (kitchen, closet, den, loft) should be highlighted from blog posts!

  • Stay on track with local events and unknown hot spots!

  • Find new products/designers/locations every month!

  • Instagram, instagram story and Pin more via blog.

  • Collab 3 times a year!

  • Get #Frightfemmes done EARLY (shout out to Laura, we gonna be EXTRA this year)!!!

I wish you all a wonderful and productive year! May it be the best one yet and may you always be surrounded by love and peace...




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