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Rainbows and Unicorns have been huge this year in terms of party themes. Not to mention the easy DIY marble candy bark, that has everyone playing with color! If you want a quick and easy treat to make for a party [ like how we did for Sylvi's Unicorns & Rainbows Party ], or just with your kids, check this out! The majority of these materials can be found in your local cake decorating stores (In Miami I go to Mile's Cake and Candy Supply, and Sweet Life Cake Supply) , Micheal's craft stores, Joanne Fabrics, or Hobby Lobby.


  • White Chocolate Candy Melts

  • "CANDY" Food Coloring (oil based candy coloring will only work with chocolate)

  • Bowls ( I chose plastic bowls)

  • Small Baker's Spatula

  • Assortment of Sprinkles (optional)

  • Edible Non- Toxic Glitter (optional)

  • Baking Sheet

  • Foil (or parchment paper, I found foil very easy)

  • Microwave


The thing about this project is working with candy melts, although easy and fast to melt, it will set just as quickly! So keep that in mind. First, have your baking sheet covered and prepped with a sheet of foil. Soon after, have all the containers of sprinkles/glitter opened and ready to grab but also safely lined up, we don't want tiny pieces spilling everywhere. YIKES. Next grab your bowls, fill them with the white chocolate candy melts about half way. You can fill some a third of the way depending on the amount of each color you want to be prominent. After filled begin to pop each one for a minute ONLY, in the microwave. Have your baker's spatula ready as each one finishes, and stir them constantly. If you have an extra hand to do this great! It helps prevent the chocolate from setting as you continue to heat the rest of the bowls. For each bowl add a drop of color of your choice. A little goes a long way, the more drops the more saturated. I kept mine on the more pastel side... [ VIEW IMAGES BELOW]

As soon as you reach your desired colors, begin to pour and scoop onto the pan dollops of each colored melted chocolate bowls. I first placed them on the pan like scattered at random. Then with my spatula, I gently swirled the colors around. Just enough to create a fun marble effect without blending in the colors too much. Try not to swirl and mix too much or the colors will get muddy. Once you have a nice even coating on the pan, and maybe a quarter of an inch thick. Begin to add the sprinkles and edible glitter of your choosing. Do this quickly to avoid sprinkles not sticking and setting into the chocolate bar.

All you have to do now is place it in a cool dry place in your kitchen and allow it to set. Depending on the thickness, it can take an hour to several hours to completely cool and dry. That's It!!! How easy is that? You can display them on your dessert table or packaged pieces up in cute cellophane bags!



For more inspiration and tutorials on Unicorns and Rainbows decor CLICK HERE

Also watch this trailer teaser of the ACTUAL PARTY:


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