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When it comes to presents, I ABSOLUTELY love searching for the perfect gift and I love to wrap and present the gift in a pretty way!!! First and foremost, I’m a planner. I am your typical type A-brainer, so I do 2 things: whoever it is that I am buying for, I think about the person. I think about what they like or what they would love, but would never buy or even think to buy themselves. Then, depending on the gift I’m going to give, I plan ahead and shop around/shop early.

This year, I wanted to gift my sister something fun and different for her birthday! I was either going to buy 1 or 2 really nice things or a bunch of smaller things and make the presentation really fun. I figured what the hell and opted for a fun “Birthday Box”. I decided to buy some things I knew she would love and then make the “Birthday Box” look like a party inside.

My sister LOVES coffee, and when I say she loves it, love is an understatement! She should’ve bought stock in Starbucks. She is ALREADY a gold member on the Starbucks app thru 2017 due to how much she frequents that place!! I knew I had to buy her some coffee related goods. I then thought about what makes a fun party? You can’t have a celebration without champagne or confetti!

Keeping those things in mind, I started window shopping some of her favorite places, as well as some of my own and little by little, I started gathering items things to create a really fun “birthday box”. Below is what I bought and where I bought it:

  • Birthday Box – Homegoods – I love this place and knew I could find something beautiful. She can also reuse this box for storage or anything else she might need.

  • Candles, confetti, coffee mug & brown paper filler – The Dollar Tree – I LOVE this place. This place needs its own post with all of the goodies it has. I swear people don’t know how awesome this store is. I thought it would be fun to tape the candles to the top inside of the box.

  • "But First", Coffee muscle tank – Target – I know my sister would love this!

  • "Coffee, Create, Sleep, Repeat" – I saw this on Instagram and had to get this for my creative Virgo sister!

  • Black tank – Free People – This is one of my sister’s favorite brands and she can never have enough of these neutral tanks. So comfy and cozy and perfect for layering.

  • Cup O’ Coffee face & body mask – LUSH – it’s a brand new product and is crazy delicious! If you love coffee, you might be tempted to take a lick. I added some of the brown paper filler to the coffee mug and placed the mask inside.

  • Sex Bomb Bath Bomb – Lush – one of my sister’s favorite LUSH products. It looks pretty, smells amazing and will make your bath time that much lovelier.

  • The San Fran Birthday Cake candle by Montane Designs – Nordstrom – I found this little gem at their big sale a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t believe it…it was perfect! It smelled like a rich vanilla cake, had sprinkles cooked in and they each have a personalized initials tag on it. I scored big time with this buy!! And I got it for a great sale price, $13!

  • Confetti Push-Pop – Nordstrom – this wasn’t on sale, but who can resist a confetti push-pop?!?

  • “Sister” ring bowl – Francesca’s Collection. I absolutely love this boutique!! They have so many adorable little gifts for every occasion, aside from their clothes and accessories.

  • Mini Pink Champagne – Target – I couldn’t believe I found a case of 4 of this pink bubbly. What girl doesn’t love pink champagne, especially on her birthday?!? You can also find mini pink champagne at your local wine/liquor store.

  • Mini Pink Pom-Pom Garland – Target – I thought this garland was the perfect finishing touch to cap off the box. I actually had to cut the garland because it was soo long. It was $4!

  • Halloween flash tattoos in gold – Target $1 section - anyone who knows us, knows our love for Halloween. I knew she would love these!

I wrote my sister dear a sweet and simple “Birthday Bitch – I Love You” note and attached it to the inside top with the candles. I wrapped the box with big pretty ribbon and voilà!

It was really fun to make this and it only gets my brain thinking Christmas and other birthdays around the corner. I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Apply this idea for anything themed you have in mind when planning a gift! Happy Shopping and Happy Creating!!

Lots of love,



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