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Caro's Fav' Everyday MUA

When it comes to everyday makeup use. I have some essential makeup items that I never leave home without. With these essentials, you can make a clean fresh look for day, and if you really wanted to “spruce things up” for night, you easily could with these items! The majority of these items can be found in either Sephora or your local drug store. These products in my opinion, get the job done! They last and a little goes a long way with all of them. Enjoy the list below!


Primer: SmashBox Photoshop Finish, is the bomb dot com. It smooths out your pores, creases, and many other rough/dry edges you may have on the skin. All you need is a tiny amount for your face n’ lids and you are set! (Available at Sephora, Ulta *tip: don’t buy the large bottle, get the small travel size, it’s enough to last you a very long time!)

Foundation: Christian Dior Airflash, the fastest and best way to apply is with a kabuki brush. It’s quick easy, and less messy than most applications! (Available at Sephora, Nordstrom, Saks, Niemans)

Concealer: MAYBELLINE FIT Concealer, has the best concealer. It’s smooth yet thick, and has a nice matte powder like finish. (Available at CVS, Dwayne Reade, Ulta, Target)

Bronzer: bareMinerals, their bronzer in “Warmth” is in my opinion the universal bronzer. I have seen this bronzer on almost all skin tones. It matches effortlessly and is great for a little contour session and a natural sun kiss glow without all that shimmer in most bronzers. (Available at Sephora, ulta)

Blush: Benefit, their blush in “Hervana”, this blush has pink and cream tones and can easily be built up from going natural to bright colored cheek bones, like they do on the runway. It’s smells delish too. (Available at Sephora, Macy’s, Ulta)

Face Powder: Colore Science Pro “Sunforgettable”, this simply pump brush of face powder can be used as your face powder concealor, or a finishing powder when all face makeup has been applied. I love it for one main reason- SPF 50!!! This amazing, and yes pricey, product has saved me from the Miami sun many of times. There are certain things in your beauty regiment that are worth spending on and it’s always worth it if it actually is improving and preventing future damage caused by the sun. (Available at, GBS Beauty Supply, and other specialty Beauty supply stores.)

-Eyes- Urban Decay, “Naked Basics Palate”, I love the naked palates from Urban Decay. When they came out with this mini palate of matte shades (except for one highlighting shade) I just had to have it. It has the best colors to do a fresh clean lid with depth, that can later have a cat eye added, or even a dark smokey lid. It’s also small and easy to carry in your purse everyday. (Available at Sephora, ulta)

NYX Liquid Liner, it’s fine firm tip makes it easy to get that thin classic cat eye, or just as easy for a thick modern type wing. Last all day too! (Available at CVS, Dwayne Reade, Ulta, Target)

Lashes: Rimmel “Scandaleyes” Mascara, I like thick brushes. END OF STORY. They need to be bushy or we aren’ t friends. This mascara has a great formula for layering and the brush with it helps thicken and take your lashes to it’s full potential. (Available at CVS, Dwayne Reade, Ulta, Target)

Brows: ANASTASIA Beauty Express, I’m all about this line from their powders to their pots for your brows. It’s just a lifesaver for all brows. Brows are important-they frame your face, and complete any look that you are going for. Don’t forget to fill them in! If you are one of those that says: “I have too much brow” or “too little”- go to one of their counters and see how they transform them! (Available at Sephora, Nordstrom)

Lips: EOS Lip Balm, don’t you just want all of these little egg shaped balms? They come in the yummiest of flavors and honestly just brighten my mood when I apply them, not sure if it’s color therapy, or aromatherapy or just plain both that does the trick!

NYX “ MOOD” lip gloss, is just pure fun! Lol there are four shades to choose from and if you want a hint of color for day, this is your best friend! Ofcourse you can put this on top of any lipstick for an extra punch of color! ! (Available at CVS, Dwayne Reade, Ulta, Target)

Mac Lipstick in “Pink Plaid”, it’s a pinky nude and is subtle & elegant, it gives your lips more life than a basic nude due to the blush pink undertones. I usually line it with mac’s lip liner in Synch- any nude will do . (Available at Nordstrom, Macy’s, Mac Stores)

-Here is a simple look I did for a shoot with using only these products. The only missing is my cat eye.

XOXO, Caro


Have you made a look with using only these products? Send us photos. What’s your favorite item? Comment below! Do you have a product that you swear by? Does it never leave your purse? Let us know, we would love to try it out and share with our community here on, BLONDE2BRUNETTE.


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