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TOP 5 | July

Wait, where did July go? So the days of summer are at an end, ok ok so we technically have summer for another month and change but you know what I mean. Some people are taking their last bits of vacation, while others are prepping their kids for school. To me " Pre-Fall" is ahead and that means I'm three months (and four days) away from the big day! SAY WHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTT? We've chatted about working on our fitness this summer and finding ways to get that glowing skin. Well I'm here to tell you my skin-search hasn't ended just yet. I mean there is definitely motivation to have it looking it's best for our wedding day but I'm also about to be 31 in September. 30 to me is like the new 27 but 31 is just 31 and I have to keep it in check, lol. Fitness goes hand in hand with skincare ( I mean it is the largest organ of our body) and I will always keep a look out for the best goodies I can find and then some! Enjoy this month's top five below!!!


1| Collagen by Beachbody |So with all my protein shakes and all it's glory, you can always add a boost of something extra. Except this particular collagen can be put into anything- even hot! Up to 350 degrees hot! imagine eating brownies with collagen. lol

Ok seriously though what I love about this particular collagen is that it's bio available. What that means is your body isn't going to waste time trying to break it down and then never absorb the good stuff in time. Instead this one is ready to be absorb and nourish not just your skin, hair and nails but also prompt gut health, joint and ligament movements and all the itty bitty tissues your muscles need. You wanna know another cool thing I learned with all my latest health finds, vitamin C is a great partner with collagen to even boost it's super powers (also only 10 calories and flavorless)! Maybe add this to your juice for a mega power blend! [BUY HERE]

2| Energize by Beachbody | Yes liquid gold, the powder you see me and all my crazy a$$ workout buddies dancing away on the gram. It's a pre-workout to help give you a boost without the jitters and focus you need when performing your workouts all while helping delay muscle fatigue. There is only 100 mg of caffeine (1 cup a Joe) and only 12g of calories and 2g of sugar! I didn't start this in my 80 day obsession until the last month as I was nervous about getting jitters and flutters but turned out to work perfect and on the days before and during my period when I'm most tired it was my saving grace. [BUY HERE]

3| ALMA Moisturizing Face Serum | These girls have gone done it again! lol A face serum with therapeutic properties. This will now become my night serum as I drift off to sleep. What's in it? Almond Oil: A mild, hypoallergenic oil that is safe for sensitive skin. Almond oil is known for protecting skin against sun damage and keeping skin nice and soft. Its texture is light and absorbs quickly into skin. It renews the cells of your facial skin, delaying general signs of aging. Castor Oil: Castor oil helps maintain moisture in the skin, removes dirt, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Since it helps increase collagen and elastin production, castor oil is also great for delaying signs of aging. It’s free from common allergens, drying ingredients and other irritants, making it suitable for sensitive skin. Vegetable Glycerin: is a natural humectant that absorbs easily into the skin, and helps your body attract more moisture. Rosehip Oil: Protects the skin and provides anti-aging benefits by keeping skin moisturized. It is rich in Vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin D. Rose Essential Oil: Rich in anti-inflammatory properties that help treat redness and inflammation. Rose oil protects against wrinkles, makes scars fade quickly, and promotes an even skin tone and healthy complexion. [BUY HERE]

My morning serum is still: Nash|Jones Seed Facial [BUY HERE]

4| LOVE necklace from OAK |I have been looking and waiting for the right "LOVE" lettered necklace for some time. For me, I wanted something dainty but big enough to read and thin enough to layer with other necklaces. This LOVE signifies doing everything with LOVE, not just receiving love from others or self love. So it's a little affirmation to myself that everything I do is done with LOVE. These pieces are best found in-store, requested through DM, or their shared mobile photo album which is the fastest way to see news things btw! [VISIT HERE]

5| Neon Boho Hand Woven bags by Wayuu Tribe from Kalo Boutique | Kalo boutique is taking the time to visit the Wayuu tribe in Colombia to commission these artisans and ensure that they receive their profits for their time and artistry. It's not only honorable but super stylish and convenient for my neon colored bathing suits from Ray Of Light. This bag will be the perfect bag to stroll around the Hawaiin beaches and also an easy way for my husband to be to find me in the crowd incase I get lost looking for gifts at the markets, lol. Each are unique and come in a variety of colors! Not just neon but subtle blues and neutrals too! [SHOP HERE]


What skincare supplements are you enjoying? Any serums you just can't get enough? let us know!

Happy Monday babes,




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