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TOP 5 | Aug

Hi August, bye August. lol. It's ok I'm ready for the pre-fall buys and PSL everything!!! Have you been secretly buying things or prepping your closet and wardrobe for all the fall/winter colors? We also included a new read for any lazy Sundays ahead. I'll pretend it's a crisp fall morning with the AC blasting and the coziest sweater I own... Join us in saying goodbye to summer- REALLy and check out this month's TOP 5's....


1|High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard | I guess you can say my accountability fitness group has turned into some sort of book club as well. Basically anything health and wellness we end up sharing with each other. The latest is this book and the way to develop high performance habits. This isn't specifically for any business or occupation, but for the person in general for living a fulfilled life. If you need a little boost (or major) check this book out. A little mindset reset plus daily exercises you can perform to keep you living you best life possible, but for real, not just the highlight reel we see on Instagram! [ BUY HERE]

2 | NAKED BASICS by Urban Decay| I just replenished this essential palette for my everyday use, but also because I find that these taupe and neutral tones are the perfect transitional color and base color for all the fall hues to come. You know I love a smokey mauve, red and brick red eyeshadow but if you follow our stories on IG, then you know I always put a base color on. This is the palette you want as a base. Even if you are putting black on, you want it to look rich versus chalky. It's common for people to forget a base color when trying to achieve a good smokey eye! So if you haven't heard that before and need an everyday and transitional palette, this is your best friend! [BUY HERE]

3| DOSE of COLORS Lip Product| I'm already being moody AF with my color choices of eyes and lips and one brand that I'm extremely happy about is DOSE of Colors. I'm really loving the brick color lipstick called "Aftermath" for this fall season. I also have "More Creamer Please" & " No Shade", but if you are looking for creamy rich shade, check out this brand if you haven't already. Another buy from them is the lipgloss called " GOALS". It's got gold flex shimmer and really brings a shine. To be honest, I'm not a gloss fan but lately if I want my lips to have an extra something, I swipe a bit on my lips and BAM! This brand is also available at Ulta. [BUY HERE]

4| Face Illuminator by Laura Mercier | I love a good highlight and sometimes highlights have a bigger specs of glitter and I just want a nice sheen going on for a more elegant look. I have the color " Devotion" and it is certainly working for my not so sun kissed skin! I reckon this will be the highlighter most used for the Fall and Winter months. [BUY HERE]

5| SERENITY CBD Oil Stick by Maximus CBD Products | I was introduced to this brand from my eyelash/brow girl "ARC & SLAY" because I tend to carry my tension in my neck and lower back. I had always been curious to CDB oil products and I thought, why not? Think of it like " Icy Hot" without that awful medical smell lol. This one smells like mint and lavender and I'm all for it. I'll put it on the back of my neck, lower T back section, traps and lower abdomen when I have cramps. So if you want a little relief on sore aching areas or just a relaxing booster naturally, try this Miami local brand out! [BUY HERE]


Hope you August month went well and can't wait to see what September obsessions bring, lol. Something tells me it will be almost all fall related.




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