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PLASTIC SURGERY | A Positive Review

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Cosmetic Surgery is an elective surgery and should be taken seriously. If you are considering any form of cosmetic changes and enhancements consult a professional to find out if you are a candidate.

This passed January everyone was doing the 2009-2019 profile pic challenge then and now. I don't really like those challenges because some people might not feel confident enough to post a pic due to ____ insert long list of insecurities here___. I look back at 2009 and though I found myself pretty confident then, I have changed A LOT.Mentally, spiritually and physically. I have grown as an individual and anything I can do to improve my personal insecurities and unhealthy habits - I tackle it and face it head on. I also refused to do this photo challenge because if I did it, then I felt like I was being fake and that an explanation was in order sooooo I did my "CAR-O-RANT" on my personal IG about my cosmetic alterations lol. I started with "...instead of me posting a then and now pic, let's just play a game called "SPOT THE DIFFERENCE".

Pretty much everyone spotted the major difference AKA the TEETH which you all have read about it HERE ( a blog post about all my cosmetic dentistry work and my entire dental recs for anyone in need!), but it took some people time before they could catch the other alteration. With a clear side by side comparison you can spot it!


My NOSE! OMG yes I did. I had a rhinoplasty done, aka NOSE JOB. When I announced that, I got a flood of questions of who did it, did it hurt, process, where, when and why? I'm so sick of people plastic surgery shaming. I do understand that there are serious cases of extreme plastic surgery, but that's not mine. Not all cosmetic surgery is bad and most people will never catch someone's work if you go to the right doctors (do your research). The point of my post is to share a positive experience with plastic surgery and shed light that there is such a thing as SUBTLE PLASTIC SURGERY.

So let's answer these questions I got!

WHY | Believe it or not, I loved my old nose, but I'm really loving my new nose. It was a personal and a professional choice. I'm in an industry (film & television) where my face and body are part of my product. It is my livelihood that I sell my craft and my look, to the best of my ability, to book a role. Does that mean I needed a nose job? No. This industry didn't force me to do any cosmetic work, but it did force me to see myself on camera pressing play back and seeing what I wanted to improve and or adjust. My teeth were not yet done and while on this dental path I began to notice the width of my bridge was just too thick for my taste. I wanted to refine the bridge just a tad and leave my nostrils the way they were. Subtle adjustments make a rewarding difference and great finish. The investment had major return. My cosmetic work on my teeth and nose made a huge impact on my acting career allowing me more opportunities for bigger and better paying jobs and a wider range in commercial work (Miami is mostly commercial work these days). On a personal level I feel EXTREMELY confident. I'm confident when I walk through those casting doors and I don't need to shy away from any cameras. I don't over contour my nose anymore and there is a bonus health factor in all this, they fixed my deviated septum. Which I now enjoy sleeping and breathing like a normal human being.

WHEN | I did it the summer of 2015. I can't remember if it was the 9th or 10th of July but it was pre-teeth work and I highly recommend anyone who is looking to make dental AND subtle nose changes, to do the nose first! If you are doing subtle changes like I did you be surprised how little people notice. The best comments were those that go "you look different, so refreshed" lol . I told all my girlfriends and family. Living in Miami I guess you can say it's pretty common to cross someone who's done work, but nose jobs? People rarely talk about it. Boobs seem to be the more acceptable enhancement to chat about. Anyone , TILL THIS DAY, that compliments my nose, I let them know I did it. No shame in my game, which is why I think I have a blog in the first place.

WHO & WHERE | If you read my blog post about my teeth, you will recognize the name Dr. Garri from MOSA SURGERY. He has a loooooong list of medical degrees and is board certified in plastic surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery and general surgery. He is most passionate about matters of the face.

Walking into his office is a blast, everyone is a sweetheart and have all had some form of enhancement, botox or filler. They have two offices in South Miami and Miami Beach and the surgery took place in the outpatient center at Mercy Hospital.

South Miami Office:

6200 Sunset Drive, Suite #402 South Miami, FL 33143 T (305) 520-9901 F (305) 665-8736

Miami Beach Office:

4308 Alton Road, Suite #940 South Miami, FL 33140 T (305) 520-9961 F (305) 665-8736

DID IT HURT & PROCESS |The top question everyone asked (not just women). As much as I cried getting the IV in, I was shockingly surprised as to how LITTLE this process hurt.

When I first met Dr. Garri it was for my potential jaw surgery, the nose did get passed around in the jaw appointments and I then made an official rhinoplasty consultation. I spoke about the bridge of my nose and how I wanted that refined. I also spoke that I wish for my nostrils to stay as they are. I then spoke about when I smile, I don't want the tip of my nose to droop down. He informed me we could do all that but as he refines my bridge, the tip would need a tad refining as it is bulbous and would not match with the new bridge or my face. I also learned there are two types of nose jobs. The traditional one where they go in from the inside and then the "open face" one. I call it "open face" because I don't remember the actual medical term. Basically right under the tip of your nose, they make a small incision and are able to be more precise with the procedure. For what I wanted to do, he recommended me the open face, so that's what we did. I love how confident he is and how easy he made it sound, he knows his stuff and you feel that the moment he walks in the room he also had his sidekick, Graciela. She was with me from day one of all my appointments and in the surgery room assisting in the medical procedures. She also kept me chill ( I cried many tears of fear) and both her and Dr. Garri would check in with me post op.

I was terrified of what would come after the surgery. My mother comes from a medical background, so surgery to her is nothing. She's the bravest, I tell ya. She was the one telling me to calm my ass down and the worst part of it (the surgery) will be over before you know it!

It's true what they say. You close your eyes and then open them back up. With no feeling of time had passed. Well 3 hours later and I had a new nose! Anyone who wants to see swelling pix, I'll show you in person. The first initial feeling was a heavy head and tightness. That's it!!! I can only describe to you a feeling of when you do a heavy work out and when you stretch or just move you feel tight. Imagine that in my face. The swelling of black and blue to yellow and green lasted over a course of a week! I was entirely shocked by how bad it looked versus how it felt.

I took my antibiotics as directed and then the first two days I took my paid meds every 6 hours. By the third day I only took Advil as needed. The faster you are off the pain meds the faster you heal, but for the first two days make the day go by faster by sleeping, Netflix and ice cream. You want to stick to soft foods because the nerves are so close to your teeth that it's a little sensitive. I looked the worst at the end of my third day. The dark blue circles under my eyes turned red, but the swelling was at it's worst and wicked AF. By the end of the fourth day the red turned to pink and yellow and my once barely opened swelled eyes were getting back to normal as my body flushed out the fluids.

PRO TIP: Drink pineapple juice with tumeric. these natural anti-inflammatories reduce swelling and help flush toxins.

By the one week mark my coloring was back to normal with maybe a couple areas of yellow and the swelling had 85% reduced. At the one week mark, they removed the stitches underneath the tip and any of the "stuffing" they put. The stuffing is what helps to prevent any bleeding that might occur. They now do it with this gelatin versus gauze alternative. It's great because it doesn't pull or irritate the tender skin. I will admit I almost lost my sh*t when I learned that some of the stitches do not dissolve and they would have to take a few out. I would probably recommend taking a pain med and someone drive you so if you are a scared little B like me, the pain med will help calm you down. lol

By week two I was back in business, I looked 100% normal. No swelling, no bruising and a barely there scar under my nose. At 6 weeks you have one last appointment to make sure all things are still in order in your healing process. The final results of your nose take anywhere from 6 months to a year. That doesn't mean you don't begin to enjoy your nose right away. You just begin to see millimeters of swelling disappear in the tip and bridge. You can see some post op photo below of two months and two years and see the subtle changes in the healing process.

Really take it easy during your recovery and just watch the results happen. I hope you enjoyed this journey I just took you on and if you have any other questions concerning my experience with my rhinoplasty, I would love to answer what I can. For medical information and recommendations I say seek a professional, like Dr. Garri at Mosa Surgery!


I've chatted and shared with you before and afters of Accutane, Cosmetic Dentistry and now a Rhinoplasty. Next up? I'm trying to grow some B's and get botox! lol I'll keep you posted...




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