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"I put a spell on you and now you’re mine." —Winifred Sanderson

Happy #FriGHTFREMMES Friday!!! The ladies and I are back with a full on GLAM SESH! This week's theme is "FAIRIES & NYMPHS ", where our creatures embody the elements of their surroundings...

This week is definitely a great way to showcase a mix of your everyday street make-up with whimsical accessories. I brought back a handmade pieces from one of my unicorn costumes and mix it with some matching metal pieces I had in my studio. These days it's a easier to find really beautiful and extravagant pieces on etsy for all types of budgets. My favorite thing about Fairies and most whimsical characters is that they come in all different colors and themes, so have fun making up your own type and tag us!


If you are just joining us get familiar with this collab and see ALL THINGS the make-up and cosplay (65 plus makeup looks, Halloween costumes, props & more) of the #frightfemmes years passed CLICK HERE.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, allow me to introduce you to the my beautiful friends and collaboration partners of #frightfemmes ...




Ruthmarie aka @the.vintage.raven | Vintage Enthusiast - Sewist - Vlogger- Capricorn

Ruthmarie is giving vixen vibes with her Earth tones and dark hair loose up-do. It's also a great way to show off the decolletage, what I consider a beautiful part of the female body (the neck and collarbone). She's giving me lots and lots of mischief! Visit Ruthmarie's blog , The Vintage Raven, to see how she curated her key props to bring her earth vibes to life.

| Follow Ruthmarie's magic via her instagram: @the.vintage.raven , blog: The Vintage Raven, youtube: The Vintage Raven , shoppes: @preciselyplanners + RM Sewing Emporium , Spotify Halloween Playlist |


Laura at @LauraJadePrado |Illustration Artist - Designer - Blogger - Sagittarius

Laura's character looks like it just sprung out of the most glittery lagoon one could hope to swim in. The pearlized wings and gorgeous jewels crown give such an elegant feminine touch. See how she completed this look and achieved a realistic wet appearance as the Lagoon Fairy via her #fightfemmes post CLICK HERE.

| Follow Laura's magic via her instagram: @theweekendgypsy , blog: , shoppes: @TWG Designs + TWG Designs Site + The Weekend Gems , youtube: LauraJadePrado |


& myself, Caro aka @caropozo @blonde2brunette | Actor - Blogger - Creative - Virgo

| you can follow my trail of magic via instagram: @caropozo , lifestyle blog: @blonde2brunette + blonde2brunette , shoppe: @thesugarcottage_ + The Sugar Cottage , and youtube: blonde2brunette |


Although I'm a true VIRGO and all it's earth sign tendencies, but I'm a very extroverted introvert thanks to my rising sign, LEO! I mean I work in the entertainment industry, so that fire element had to live somewhere within me. I thought I would bring that out a bit with my fairy character. I found this epic wig, had my old unicorn crown (visit the unicorn costume blogpost here) and some gold metal stars to bring out the shine, the fire of the Summer Solstice. I also had the 90's Romeo & Juliet soundtrack playing in the background and kept with a feminine vibe throughout. The key here is adding contour color of your choice ( I mixed red and gold shadows) to your forehead frame, hollows of your cheeks and neckline. It gives a glowing effect to the areas of highlight. It's hard to see in pix, but there's a lot more shimmer in areas of my face than hat the camera caught! When you take this look to the party, I love to add a layer of glitter hairspray on my face as well!!! it jut makes everything pop and complete the look!

Check out the make-up inspo below


For all your project organization needs, I have fun with my "Living Life Planner" created by Laura from her TWG Designs shoppe, CLICK HERE. For figuring out how to plan your makeup layout or cosplay from scratch, I use RMSewing Emporium planner sheets designed by Ruthmarie, CLICK HERE.


Key Pieces for Solstice Fairy|

Find ALL or SIMILAR Materials in our #frightfemmes Halloween section of our AMAZON SHOP

  • FLUFFY WIG - I bought mine from WIG IS FASHION which is currently 20% off , but you can find a similar one HERE on Amazon.

  • CRYSTAL CROWN - You can see in detail how I made mine HERE, or find a similar look of a crown HERE on Amazon.

  • SUN & STARS- Although this is just a random accessory, I see it being paired with almost a soft style draped outfit. If I were to wear a version of this costume out, it would have that feel for sure!

  • Grecian or Roman Dress- Here are two outfit ideas to pair with this look OPTION 1 & OPTION 2 .

Whatever your costume is this season, know that you have options. You don't have to be any character or creature in particular. Just have fun wearing something you don't necessarily get to wear - EXPRESS YOURSELF! Hope you'll join in the collab and tag us with your latest look! Happy FRIGHTFEMMES FRIDAY!

Happy Hauntings,

Don't forget to pin this for later as you this year's Halloween costume! #frightfemmes #frightfemmes21 #halloweenmua #halloweenmakeup #diyhalloweencostume



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