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Another week, another look and it looks like The Weekend Gypsy and I were on the same wave-length in creating a spooky yet sexy version of characters we often find in Halloween/horror stories. Well her's is technically more freaky and I'm going based of a campy character thanks to the amazing, Michael Keaton. Could you imagine your squad or your significant other doing a group of these Nurses (and maybe throw in some doctors) into the mix? Last year I fell in love with Desi Perkin's "Beetlejuice" makeup and I told myself I needed to try and recreate the look. I changed it up by adding some glitter and more saturated tones. I didn't actually have a striped jacket, but I do recommend getting one to really sell the "Beetlejuice" look. There are so many cool variations; suit, jumpsuit, skirt, dress etc. Anything wide striped has always screamed "BEETLEJUICE". Uh-oh that was three times already... (please tell me you got that joke?)... If you are like me and don't mind searching within your closet, I whipped out a black blazer, black gym shorts, and glittery boots. Anywhere you are showing skin (arms chest, legs) pale them out with makeup or for legs, use white stockings. Visit my instagram halloween highlight to see the easy idea I came up with! Also if your on instagram and just joining us for the first time, [click here to get all the #frightfemmes related looks!]

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VISIT Laura's full POST on her #FRIGHTFEMMES VOL.II on her blog [HERE]




[by: CARO]



White Base and Black Lids - [BUY HERE]

Urban Decay Electric Palette- The bottom four colors purples and green/yellows completed this look [BUY HERE]

Stila GLITTER for eyes and body- I used "Molten Midnight" [BUY HERE]

WHITE SILVER WIG- Although mine is a couple years old and they no longer make it, I found an identical one (and way cheaper) on AMAZON! [BUY HERE]

COSTUME IDEAS [Click the Image to SHOP the item]


That concludes VOL.II of #FRIGHTFEMMES18, be sure to tag us if you recreate any of our passed looks or want to just share your ideas with us! We love our FRIGHTFEMME community and are grateful for all the fun positive feedback we get when we do this Halloween obsession of ours!!!



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