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I missed out posting the month of august my top 5's and now we are creeping near the end of September. I told myself I needed to make sure I fill you in on the "TOP 5's" for both months (so total 10). Since we are just a week away from the official Holiday season, I found myself bringing back some repeats, some of these items would make great gifts for the upcoming holidays season. Some as gifts under the tree or a little something for the hostess when they invite you over for their future dinner party!


1| ACID WASH DENIM JACKET |I love this jacket so much I bought an extra one to add patches to it for the fall season. This jacket is just the right amount of over sized and fitted in the right places. It's perfect for dressing down a dress or all black sexy attire, or dressing up your gym/ scrubby look when running a few errands out the house. they also have a similar look with distressed add ons. ACID WASH DENIM JACKET [BUY HERE]

2| CRYSTAL MUSE BOOK |Wanted to add to my library an updated book of rituals to perform at home or in the workspace. Whether skilled or not, this is a great book to have in your rep. I personally love the moon rituals it has to offer and love how aesthetically pleasing they are. CRYSTAL MUSE BOOK [BUY HERE]

3|UNIVERSE HAS YOUR BACK |Bringing back the Gabrielle Bernstein book, as it has great exercises for channeling stress and anxiety on a regular basis. Sometimes I find myself overwhelmed and need to silence the mind. I love going back to her book and reminding myself to check in within oneself and access the situation, but not to let it consume you! UNIVERSE HAS YOUR BACK [BUY HERE]

4|UNIVERSE HAS YOUR BACK CARD DECK |Did you know she has affirmation/oracle deck based on her book " The Universe Has your Back"? Gabrielle Bernstein's beautifully illustrated cards leave you with daily affirmations always driven by LOVE OVER FEAR. These are cards I pull everyday and listen to the sign given, what is it today that it reminds me? Then I carry it on and listen to my intuition that it tells me! UNIVERSE HAS YOUR BACK CARD DECK [BUY HERE]

5| HALF BAKED HARVEST COOKBOOK |Chef Tieghan Gerard is the master mind behind these beautiful curated recipes and photos. My sister has made a bunch of her recipes and now I get to as well. There are many hearty and healthy options to choose from and all are well instructed. I recommend this book if you want to get into cooking or love making meals for your loved ones on a regular basis. Not to mention great recipes for upcoming friends giving. HALF BAKED HARVEST COOKBOOK [BUY HERE]

Not to confuse you with the chap stick, but these cute little pastel balls are actual deodorants and great to pop in your purse incase you need a refresher after the gym or long days out and about! they also have a cooling effect to them! SECRET FRESHIES (Deodorant)[BUY HERE]

I spoke of this brand on the #blonde2brunette IG story and loved the way this "airy" titled lipstick does indeed give an airbrush look! You can find these at your local drugstore or via our amazon link. PERIPERA INK AIRY VELVET [BUY HERE]

8| MELT COSMETICS EYESHADOW | Till this day I've never seen a better executed matte red, brown, yellow and black for the warm dark tones of the fall season. The stack DARK MATTER and RUST are on my lids matching effortlessly to my fall wardrobe. This buildable formula make it easy for me to transition from a glamorous look to an edgy grunge eye when I want to bring out my inner goth side.

9|TRILOKA INCENSE FROM OAK|My favorite incense ...Im obsessed and it's so affordable. Shop my favorite section of oak online or in store. RILOKA INCENSE FROM OAK [BUY HERE]

10| BDG STRIPED JEAN |It's interesting to see how stores style their clothes and then I just do it differently. You can urbafy these jeans, but all I did was FALL THEM UP! You can see in our ig story highlight for fashion. BDG STRIPED JEAN [BUY HERE]


I hope you enjoyed THE TOP 5 for AUGUST & SEPTEMBER. More blog post to come! It's our favorite time of the year to really exercise our DIY selves!

Happy Fall Y'all



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