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Updated: Aug 23, 2019

The biggest question I receive on Instagram and the blog is, WHAT CAMERA DO I USE for all my images and video? I have been using the same camera for the last 4 years. I got this camera for my birthday back in 2015 and it's been my wing man ever since.


PANASONIC LUMIX GX850 4K Mirrorless Camera with 12-32mm

Camera Specs:

  • Light weight and compact mirrorless interchangeable lens camera body.

  • LUMIX G VARIO 12-32mm F3.5-5.6 with Mega O.I.S. stabilization kit lens.

  • 16MP Four Thirds sensor.

  • 22 Creative Filter effects.

  • 180 degree flip up touch controlled LCD with selfie face and buddy hands free auto shutter.

I'm slowly understanding more and more about photography, but I am quick to just set it on portrait mode and let the camera do it's work, the 12-32mm Lens came with my camera and is my main lens that I use for all my shots (even product photography)! Below are a few pix from this past summer's trip to the British Isles with my Fiance'.

There are a bunch of settings like portrait, action shots, night time, scenery (where you choose from a variety of color balances) just to name a few. There is also a filter setting and you pretty much get a gorgeous and fun selection of filters to add to your pictures and video!

My favorite thing about this camera is being able to send the pictures directly to my phone via wifi. Which makes it easy for blogging and also quick for wanting to post my latest "Fall" selfie lol.

Capturing Selfie's have never been easier, as you have the opportunity to flip the camera screen and see clearly the frame, wave without tapping to shoot instantly or add a timer for a "photobooth" effect and get a choice of one shot or four shots in a row (with 3 or 10 seconds in between). Did I mention they have a slimming mode and blur mode for selfie?!

The most important thing about this camera, has been being able to capture my family and friends during special events and travel. This light weight camera makes it easy for me to capture "professionally shot" stills without lugging around camera equipment whilst actually not have any knowledge of professional techniques what so ever in photography LMFAO!!!

You can see some of the video here (great for anyone wanting to vlog)

Check out how I attempt my own "DIY NEWBORN PHOTOSHOOT" of my nephew using this camera and facetune for editing. I worked on portrait mode with natural light!

So this is THE CAMERA behind capturing all my DIY's, Dinner Parties, Product Photography, travel and precious moments with my loved ones...

If you are ready for a camera to get the job done, this is my recommendation for you! This is also a wonderful gift for the holidays for any students graduating and planning on traveling or anyone wanting to get into photography at a more affordable cost than a DSLR camera!!!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and product review/ recommendation! If you plan on buying it, I would love to see what images you all capture! Do tag us on the gram!




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