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Fall Intro 2018

Here we are, well here I am obsessing over a new Fall season ahead. For those just joining us, disclaimer, my sis and I have a sick obsession with Fall (well just about all the holidays but we are known for Fall) and can get pretty #extra with decor.That also means sharing and giving tips where we can via the blog and instagram stories! Look for our "FALL" highlight section to keep tabs of everything! I'm hoping you will join us for a new season and to kick off let's start with Pantone's Fall/Winter color palette of 2018. This year they included two color palettes; one is a variation of traditional fall colors and the other a darker deeper version of the ever trending neutral palette.


Fall/Winter Color Palette

Classic Neutral Palette


Another heads up, fall fashion styles. As always, I look to Free People and all their latest "Fall Intro" styles. You can predict the boho vibes are back and one trend still going strong are the military and beret hats. Fine by me! If you aren't sure how to layer or want minimal layering because you live in a hot city (trust me I'm a Miamian), pair ankle boots and hat to complete an effortless and street fashion look to your wardrobe.

Another LOVE moment are the return of long printed maxi skirts and a chunky sweater. Your inner hippy will thank you! Look for the traditional corduroy but now from head to toe, even corduroy berets are here this season and I'm loving the structured look of it all! If you aren't a boho chick, have no fear CHIC looks are also here. I'm talking monochromatic colors in plaid and mix matched prints paired with sleek faux croc boots and a corduroy military hat. LOTS OF PLAID! Plaid is also a head-to-toe look this season (look for more examples in our fall inspired pinterest board)!

As I said before I LOVE FREE PEOPLE but other, more accessible stores, are carrying these styles also. Just check out Target & Forever21 for some of these trending styles. I'll be sure to take you on a long over due Target run soon!

Catch you all soon on the blog for more fall loving post, in the meantime check out all of our FALL THEMED BLOG POST to get you in the mood!




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