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TOP 5 | June

Happy Summer Everyone! Hope it's been a great one thus far. When you are a native South Floridian, it's more of a state of mind what season we are in as summer is practically year round but we do have those months of cool crips magic, but if we have to say when summer really begins, it's the top of May. It's hot everyday, 20 minute rainstorms at randoms hours of the day, but for the most part beautiful days here in the Sunshine State. For my 'Top 5' of this month, I'm excited to say has been my travel accessories. I didn't just run around with a suitcase on New Year's Eve for nothing, I said I MUST TRAVEL!!!! One of my featured items today was a Christmas Gift of metallic suitcase tags. Maybe my friend Amy, new something I didn't lol!!! From our Manifestation Party to New Year's Eve traditions to Journaling my intentions for this year, I can say I have checked off many items from my 2018 goals lists. I am very grateful and in two weeks I will be on Irish soil, followed by Scotland and lastly London. A total U.K. experience with my Fiance' and future In-Laws. I am happy to say that in less than two years I will have a few travel routes to blog about with you all, and I couldn't be happier about that. another gem to add to our lifestyle blog!

So if you haven't guessed it, these 'Top 5's' will be travel related!


1 | Floral Passport Cover | Anthropologie is on the top of my list when it comes to office supplies and tied to that is their travel accessories. They make a few new styles every year and start going on sale this month.The ipad case underneath, I've featured before and is also from Anthro. [ BUY HERE ]

2 | Metallic Suitcase Tags | Attach to your carry-on or checked bags. It's always a great way to spot your bag and also I just love GOOOOOOOLLLDDDDD. [ BUY HERE ]

3 | Gold Document Folder | For documents and important confirmations for hotels and reservations, I like to keep it in a place I can spot! The Container Store is another black hole (along with Target) for me when it comes to office supplies. They have every colors you can think of and majority of the time can match with your pre-existing office supplies. what i like about this folder is how firm it is and does a great job i not bending my documents. [ BUY HERE ].

4 | Travel Journal | This lightweight paper travel journal is a great alternative to my much heavier journal. I want to make sure I don't miss a thing and the way they organize each visit/location is perfect! I'm only taking a carry on for A THREE WEEK TRIP! lol I've done enough Pinterest and done enough carry on one week trips to know it's possible. I'm just going to be super creative with my wardrobe... Plus each week is a new country, so really i'm packing for a week! [ BUY HERE ]

5 | Neck Scarves | In fall of 2016 these neck scarves made their way back to mainstream fashion and I'm happy to say they are still going strong. What I've always loved about neck scarves are their versatility. There are multiple ways to tie a neck scarf around your neck, then you can use them as a hair accessory and lastly add them to your hats and purses for an updated look! These options give your limited outfits a new look each time. My favorite places to BUY neck scarves are : Free People , Anthropologie, MadeWell, Forever 21, Target.


If you or your loved one enjoys fun travel flair, be sure to explore all the options listed in our links above! There are so many themes to choose from! For me anything gold, floral or industrial (like Hearth and Home line from Target), I am game! Happy Summer and Safe Travels to all!




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