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TOP 5 | March

It's the first days of Spring and I find that everywhere across the country, including Miami, has gotten the opportunity to experience cooler weather. I'm extra lucky because I'm experiencing some beautiful weather in Atlanta, GA., currently here for business, but finding spots for all of you to check out. I write to you in my new favorite spot, "Dr.Bombay's Underwater Tea party" a tea house that has southern charm, indian tea's and of course the whimsical feel of Alice and Wonderland.... Back to the weather it's allowing my fashion game have a little more playing room. I'm talking jackets, sweaters, boots, more beret time. lol. You've probably been seeing repeats because I need to take advantage of any temp drop so I can actually let my jackets and turtlenecks live a little....

Clothing and accessories are not just standing out but also fragrances.... read below


1| "WILD CHILD" GOOD CHEMISTRY| by "Good Chemistry" line. This fragrance hails from TARGET, like hhaaaalllo, are we even shocked? Target does it again and I am in love. What's amazing about this line is that it comes in three forms; perfume, oil and body spray. Since I'm very particular about my scents. I need to see if the scent will leave me with a headache regardless of how good it smells. I thought the body splash would be great since it's lighter and the scent I chose is working out perfectly so eventually I will try out the perfume. This line has 16 fragrances and all the scents are completely different. Mine has notes of " bergomot, coconut & bamboo". [BUY HERE]

2| Cat Eye Shades |By Free People, I gotta be honest I always loved the high glam look of small shades, but I'm known for the large incognito type... I remember how trendy they were in the 90's(obviously trace back all the way to the 20's and they were in). Meg Ryan in 'Addicted to Love', Angelina Jolie in 'Hackers' , do you remember those, there were a ton of actors rocking them, but the pro's were always the high editorial models I would drool over in their mismatched outfits and their accessories always made the look. Now these size shades are back and affordable. Mine were $20 bucks from Free People. [BUY HERE]

3| Beret |By Free People, Yes, I'm obsessed so much that I even traveled with few from my beret collection, because I honestly couldn't decide and they keep my bed-head warm in n elegant way lol. I still want to get a couple more colors, pastels mostly, but everyone seems to be associating me with my yellow one and I'm ok with that.... "The woman in the yellow beret" sounds like a cheesy romantic novel and I probably own some version of it. [BUY HERE]

4| Labradorite Crystal Ring |from Crystal Blue, Atlanta GA. This simple yet gorgeous cut of labradorite ring was from 'Crystal Blue' in the heart of "Little 5 Points". I've been on a hunt for either moonstone or it's wicked sis labradorite. Labradorite is for self-discovery, it is excellent for awakening one's own awareness of inner spirit, intuition and psychic abilities. Used in divination during Full & New Moon. It's a stone lately that I have been attracted to and want to and new that the moment i walked into the store, I was going to find it. Interested in crystals? Click here to learn more about them.... [INFO ON STORE HERE]

5| The Universe Has Your Back | A book by Gabrielle Bernstein. This book was recommended to me from my tribe. The same one that's into wellness, crystals and good spiritual vibes. It's an honest book on how Gabrielle talks about a power within us,while living in a world created by a much greater power and how we can work with the signs and the power the Universe has to offer. It speaks of others and their personal stories and how our perspective can alter our paths for good or worse. The greatest power and tool is LOVE. LOVE over FEAR! There are meditation practices, prayers, mantras that are wonderful and exciting. I really recommend it to anyone, no matter what stage they are in their life. [BUY IT HERE]


I hope you enjoyed this month's 'TOP 5'...




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