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It's Wednesday, a much more chipper day in Miami, as people are either settling back into their routine or finding it again. If you haven't been watching the news then maybe - highly doubt it- you missed something about Hurricane Irma or to some Irmageddon... In all seriousness I am beyond grateful that all of my loved ones are accounted for and safe, still have homes, jobs, their business store fronts, water, gas and food. The majority still without power- but that is the worst of it. I'll take it. I do plan on making a "Must Have Provisions" blog post before hurricane season is out. Although us Floridians are pretty well seasoned to this, I did learn a couple knew things along the way that I think anyone capable of dealing with hurricanes will want to add to their list, plus some misinformation cleared up for people WHO DON'T live here,that need to know so they aren't frightened when they find out a friend in SoFlo hasn't evacuated. That is for another day, another post.

Right now I want to take a break from the B#tch Irma and give a shout out to some FALL TRENDS in fashion!

Of course highlighting from the infamous store F R E E P E O P L E !!! A reminder, all fall fashion is repeated every year, sometimes the palate changes (slightly) and sometimes we see more of one fabric standing out i.e. velvet, corduroy, plaid etc. Just remember that you can always bring out last year's and year before of fall clothing items you have. No need to go spending, but do find a way to intermix your ready to wear items with this year's trends. I'm also fully aware I live in Miami, but a miamian can get pretty clever in appearing fall ready with just light layers. If Free People is out of your budget (Macy's always has sales and Nordstrom Rack is always stocked on FP btw) visit stores like Target, Forever 21, Urban Outiftters Sale section, Kohls, Abercrombie, TJ Maxx etc. Free People is so well known for their FALL & WINTER fashion, that many lower end stores are finding ways to mimic some of their staples! Enjoy below " TOP OF OUR LIST TRENDS" items and our latest #PINS from our Pinterest board, via FREE PEOPLE for this year's FALL FASHION TRENDS.



OUTERWEAR - If you've already got a classic leather jacket and peacoat, time for some motto jackets with belle sleeves in rich deep jewel tones, quilted jackets and faux fur fun.

BERET/MILITARY HATS - If you have your collection of wide brimmed hats then you'll want to collect some classic and bold colored berets and fashion forward military hats. My inner french girl is screaming with joy. Gotta dust off some of my old ones!

MONOCHROMATIC- Meaning the use of one tone. One toned outfits are back and people are having fun pairing different fabrics and textures in one of their favorite hues.

EMBROIDERY| PATCHES| TAPESTRIES - It's the 60's making its way on denim, jackets, tops, shoes, bags you name it! I personally love the boots covered in this trend. You wear a simple outfit with a stand out pair of booties covered in the most beautiful tapestries.


Be Sure to visit the B2B FALL INSPO Pinterest Board, we will be adding new looks weekly! Stay tuned for more fall loving posts!




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