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Yelp. Yelp. Yelp.

* Eating Brooklyn Floss in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Most of us with a mobile device have used Yelp in some way shape or form. I've been using yelp for years, but never have I actually " YELPED". I mean the actual act of reviewing and leaving a star rating on a venue. As much as I want to blog and review places on B2B, I don't always have the time to do so right away . So with all my recommendations I give to my friends, I love that YELP provides bookmarks, tips, compliments, photos etc. to leave for anyone wanting to follow you on this app. I have so many places to yelp and review, I will be honest I have a hard time leaving poor reviews. I don't know if I have the heart to do so...we'll see. I plan on using this app to recommend dishes, venue's with an ambiance and great "Date Night" spots. I'm always looking for a new spot to discover be it a hole in the wall or uber fancy. I'm a creature of habit so finding that signature dish is always great too.

I still plan on reviewing spots via the blog, they will obviously be more detailed and require crystal clear images, but if you want to follow my "map" of yelps (those will be more active daily posts), feel free to follow me here:

Check back weekly on my yelping as I'll be adding more places and spaces. Do you have a spot I just have to try, review? Comment below or message us in our contact section.

See you on YELP!




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