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MIAMI | Winter & Spring

Any Miami local can confirm that February through April is stellar weather! I'm talking sunny, cool crisp nights and sometimes even light jackets during brunch hours. Everyone is outside! The mosquito's and other bugs are busy in the depths of Hell and making less of an appearance and every Sunday there is some sort of craft fair or fresh markets booming with more vendors.

There are a few favorite pass times my loved ones and I like to do. Here's a list of activities that allow you to hang outside, at home or the greater part of Miami.


For real though, you don't always have to cook, clean double the mount of dishes and trash the kitchen. For my beau and I, when we are feeling lazy, but still want to enjoy some grub we'll hit up our local markets and pick up some yummy bites for our friends and I! Want to do it on the cheap? Have you ever made a Charcuterie plate with Trader Joe's cured meats and cheeses? UMmm DELISH! UMmm CHEAP AF! For some reason Winn-Dixie has the best cole slaw and ready to eat fried chicken, lol!

DOWN SOUTH | Burrs Berry Farms

12741 SW 216th St Miami, Florida 33170

Want a a strawberry milkshake? Want to pick your own strawberries, tomatoes, bell peppers, even flowers? I've been going here for a few years now with my niece and nephew and they love to pick ( and eat) the strawberries. The produce is very cheap there because (obviously) it's locally grown, so if you want to stop by there on the weekend and check things off your grocery lists, this is the place. They have carts with your basic needs; onions, potatoes, tomatoes, egg plant etc. You can't leave without trying some of their desserts. The strawberry shortcake Sunday is Heaven. Don't eat with your eyes though, the portions are good enough to share!

For fruit and vegetable picking, they provide you with baskets and take home bags. There is never a wait for strawberry picking, you just grab the basket and go. Pick the flowers! They smell divine! Then when you go to pay afterwards, grab a jar of jam. If you are with the kids, travel on to Pinto's FARM where they have a petting zoo, pony rides, and paddle boats.

30205 SW 217 Ave, Homestead FL, 33030

This place has come a LONG WAY! I remember when it just had a small cafe so you could picnic and only a wine tasting & tour. Now they have added a restaurant, bbq smokers & grill, karaoke nights, weekly live music events and lastly a brew house. So if you don't like wine, they have BEER! This wine is not your typical fermented grape, it's actually everything but that. We're talking avocado wine, lychee wine, passion fruit. Most have a sweet and tangy taste. I prefer the dry avocado wine and the others are actually really good to mix into fun punch recipe's. Both the wine and their beer are very affordable. They also let you bring in your own food to picnic. Great for a romantic afternoon or a great group activity to taste eclectic spirits and even play some pool or corn hole in the brew house.

NORTH MIAMI FL | Oleta River State Park

3400 NE 163rd St North Miami, FL 33160

For my Birthday weekend, my beau and friends surprised me with kayaking and a picnic on our own private island lol! This park has many water activities, but what it is known for is the kayak rental service. It's so relaxing out, that this half work out/eating fest makes the calories consumed less guilty. They provide you with a map that shows you different routes, mini islands and the infamous sandbar. As you paddle out you can either stay in shady mangrove area or pick up the pace and head to one of the islands to enjoy the water and eat some grub! After we finished our picnic we paddled some more and then headed to the sandbar. Music was blasting and all walks of life were hanging out in this large space with only 2 feet of water. The best part was there were floating restaurants with food and sweets. Then I spotted spicy fresh conch salad and felt as if I was transported back to Harbor Island (Bahamas). WIN!!!! Want the ocean, recreational park feel, without a crazy work out? Visit Key Biscayne's Cape Lighthouse. They have bike rentals, a restaurant, and plenty of trails, picnic spots and sights to see. It's more low key and not so far north.


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