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I'm blown away by how quickly this year flew! Just yesterday, Laura (from The Weekend Gypsy) and I were in a serious Halloween MUA coma. We did a total of 34 looks and as the year flew by, we found ourselves knee deep in the craziest of life moments and career projects. Laura is getting MARRIED, just 5 days after Halloween, I've been traveling and prepping for work projects, and I'm also happy to say that a few us from Blonde2Brunette, will be helping Laura with this wedding in some shape or form (and by that I mean--- I'm for SURE baking and there will be plenty of blogging on that next month! lol). So wedding planning, plus long work hours and job opportunites takes precedence this year over shelling out a bundle of looks. That doesn't mean Laura wont be chiming in from time to time, #FRIGHTFEMMES is a collab always, and this year it's going to be less looks, but more so quality over quantity! There will still be plenty of NEW looks. The beauty of last year's Halloween overdose is that we have enough MUA's to cover each day of the month! Then take our looks from the previous years (2014 and lower) and we've got you covered to inspire you not just makeup, but costume wise as well...

We got great feed back and hope to inspire you and teach you some NEW tricks along the way, to execute your looks with ease!There is a little feeling of guilt, so to makeup for that, we will be doing a give away! Details will be posted on Monday throughout all our social platforms... keep your eyes peeled!!!

Follow B2B on Pinterest for continuous inspo too and easy pinning. If there is something you need help re-creating and wish for a step-by-step, email us,or direct message us via Facebook or Instagram.

Below is a MEGA ARCHIVE LIST of HALLOWEEN INSPIRATION on BLONDE2BRUNETTE & WEEKEND-GYPSY!!! There's a lot in there to get you started, be sure to HASHTAG/TAG #FRIGHTFEMMES16 in your social media post if you recreate or want to show us what you are up to, we love to share it!!! Plus between snapchat and instagram stories, you may even catch some easy step by step tips n' tricks in live time before anyone else..... links below.

Happy Halloween EVERYONE,





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