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Scenario: You're at home, about to head to a holiday festivity, and then it hits you! OMG I forgot to buy them a gift! The idea of getting in your car, braving the madness on the streets, and then finding a parking spot, is only a fourth of the battle, when it comes to nabbing the perfect gift!

So the clock is ticking, and you can't get to a store?! WHAT DO YOU DO?!?!?!?!?! Ok Everyone, here are two quick and easy options, for that last minute gift!

1) GIFT CARD: It's an obvious option when there's no time to buy, and the best part is, C.V.S. , carries a great variety of gift cards, for any age! Sometimes online stores allow you to buy and print paper gift cards, with special codes etc. Some say they think it's unthoughtful to give a gift card as a gift. Erase that idea from your mind. You gifted them, when you didn't have to. You are giving them money, they get to go have fun, and pick something out that they will want! WIN WIN situation!

2) LIVING SOCIAL & GROUPON: There are so many ways to go about this. A free romantic dinner for two, a cooking class, a massage. An abundant amount of gift ideas, in these two little apps. The best part is they are usually "experiences" that people normally wouldn't do or think of, but want to do and experience. There are also alot of options that won't break the bank. They even allow the option to email them the gift [Saving pper costs]. Doesn't matter where they live in the country, there are options in all locations (surprise that person across the country)!

So don't forget there are these options!!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!


*Photostock featured here, is available for purchase at TWG Designs.


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