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[Fall 2015] Palette


Here I go again, obsessing about Fall, but I can’t help but think about the warm tones ahead. I love what fall season can do to your wardrobe, just as much as much as I love what it can do for your make-up. We are just a month and few weeks away from officially FALL, but I’m already getting ideas and inspiration via the web for fall inspiration .

I always love to start off with the very informative PANTONE.COM (CLICK HERE).This is a great tool for designers in the fashion world, interior design, and even event coordinators. If you haven’t heard of Pantone, I bet you remember when ” RADIANT ORCHID” was a hot color a few seasons ago, all over social media, and wedding magazines! Well this site is a perfect resource for where people discovered that piece of knowledge. If you click the link above, it took you straight to the fall section. You can see how famous designers collectively choose colors within the same tone but different values of color. That right there is great to see the range of many version of the main fall focus!

Like every season, colors come back but some shine more than others. The traditional burgundy color we are used to is still on top, but this year it’s, “MARSALA”. It’s not that deep purple we are used to, but a muted red brown color. Almost like cherry wood. As i looked over the swatches on PANTONE.COM (CLICK HERE), I noticed that indie late 60’s/ early 70’s vibe. Very much like my first (of many) fall fashion post Pre- Fall Trends. The colors scream Woodstock, I dig it!!!

Stay tuned for more Fall looks and inspo!



p.s. Photos from PANTONE.COM (CLICK HERE), and

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