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Ok ok, so it’s not fall yet, but July is almost over, and then comes August, and THEN after that comes September. Fall this year is officially Sept. 23rd. I know that technically we have a good two months and change, but to me it’s a month away. Maybe because I’m a fall baby and I feel it in my bones early on or maybe I love to already have a fall wardrobe built up. I’ve mentioned it last fall, how it’s my FAVORITE season for Fashion ( btw our 1 year blog aniversary is coming up! AAH!), and I LOVE LAYERS!!!

So I have been keeping an eye out for what trends I think will be great for everyday fall wardrobe. The thing is, these high end fashion retailers have the most amazing fall looks, but not practical for everyday. Thats why I find myself always going to one store that has looks we can either purchase from them or recreate (on the cheap) that DOES FIT EVERYDAY FASHION— FREE PEOPLE. Are you shocked? Probably not. They just always do an effortless job of perfection for their fall season. I’ve said this before- their store is my spirit animal.

Ok, so as I said summer’s still going, but time flies, so why not get a leg up on what accessories/staples you will want ready. The feel i’m getting is Early 70’s Dessert (cowboy) styles mixed with early 90’s European Grunge… Does that makes sense? * Just note that last year’s staples are still great for this fall, there’s just a couple accessories and layered looks that are standing out this year ( check out this post from last year for more fall fashion inspo: A Bewitched Fall Season )…

So you will notice, some trends from last year still going strong, now again these are just a few picks of awesome accessories like the skinny and neck scarves to get a hold of! I’m also digging the cut off straight leg pants. I think if you have that inner tomb boy spirit, you can play around with booties and socks. Imagine the off the shoulder neck lines with maybe a collard button down underneath for extra layers? Of course my affection for hats is only stronger and more obsessive as ever. The best part is, I have some of these styles from back in the 2000’s that I never got rid of!

I will say the newer ones have a much more chic edge to them.I guess I’ll have to get my hand on one..or two…or- yeah I need a hat intervention.

Well, I’ll be keeping you all up to date on the fall fashion as always, until then follow Free People ( also Anthropology and Urban Outfitters) on Pinterest for more loving, and keep on eye out for these items before September comes and they sell even faster!!!



P.S. all photos from Free People.


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