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Happy Valentine's Day '15

Happy Valentine’s Day from The 4B’s, Sylvia, Kelly, Karlee, and Caro to you!!! We sent out a message to our viewers to tell us their most memorable Valentine’s Day yet! Everyone had a completely different story, some that talk about this passed years V-Day…. We truly hope that your day- whether celebrated or not- is surrounded by love, happiness, and lots of sweets!

Enjoy these charming stories below!!!

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My favorite Valentine’s Day memory has to be the ones that will be made this year. As a rule, Valentine’s Day doesn’t get too much attention in our relationship so we like to keep it simple and low key.

However, this year my boyfriend suggested we do what we love most. Our date consists of a small open mic performance we’ll be doing at a coffee shop in downtown Lake Worth. We write songs together and I couldn’t imagine a more fitting and romantic evening with my favorite person.

This holiday (even though it’s a little contrived) should just be a little reminder to show our favorite people that they mean something to us.


Years ago, my boyfriend at that time picked me up, to take me out to a restaurant he had made reservations for v-day. So on the way to the restaurant, he said he needed to stop back at his place because he forgot something. So we stopped by his place and I said I’d wait in the car while he ran in. He runs in and minutes later comes out to the car and asks me to come in for a sec, so I walk in and was surprised to see lit candles EVERYWHERE!!!! He had made dinner, champagne was chilling in the ice bucket, rose peddles everywhere I really appreciated that he made an effort to go above and beyond than just making reservations at some foo foo restaurant…


Although its not exactly my favorite holiday, for reasons unrelated to this quick note and that I won’t divulge into, its still a fun day to spread a little extra love and maybe eat a chocolate, or 7.

Since I never want, or expect, anything crazy or fancy on v-day, I typically feel happiest with sushi take-out and Netflix (snore!). Last years v-day was a little extra sweet. One of my co-workers waltzed into the office carrying, not one, but two dozen… doughnuts! (Bet you thought I was going to say roses, huh?) It was a small gesture that just really brightened up the entire office and made our days behind the desk a little less “blah.” He felt like a super star (and rightfully so) as we all goo-goo ga-ga’ed at the boxes of treats.

The smiles on everyones faces were plastered on from ear to ear. Needless to say we all post-poned our morning emails and gathered around the pink sprinkled heart shaped doughnuts in the kitchen for a little longer than our usual morning chat. We all shared our true feelings about the holiday, and joked about what a healthy breakfast it was. Then went on with our days with a couple of extra calories and little extra love in our hearts.


My favorite valentine’s day, by far has to be the time my then, new boyfriend, surprised me with a picnic at the beach. It was simple, we had sushi, a case of beer (my two favorites), and a lot of sun. After relaxing in the water, soaking up the sun, and a few make-out sessions here and there, we headed back home. We were supposed to go back out for dinner, but decided to order in, stay in bed, make love, and talk. Simple, exhausting, but perfect!


To start, my [now] husband and I are very much into creating authentic environments that make for lifetime memories. We shy away from restaurants on this night because of the craziness and lack of novel you get in return for the exorbitant costs. We always opt in for a night at home since we’re food enthusiasts, lovers of lifestyle and culture, and self-proclaimed chefs! Here’s our date night story.

Two Valentines ago- my then, new fiancé, created a dynamic and whimsical evening in our tiny New York City apartment. Picture this: frigid temperatures outside, perfect for a solid cuddling session. Candlelight, warm hues and delicious treats, what could be better? We kicked off the night with a toast of Vieuve Cliquot champagne in celebration of our impending nuptials, indulged in some home-made fondue alongside an assortment of artisan cheeses purchased at Citarella down the street and in closing played a few rounds of stack the bones.

He surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of winter peonies in both pink and white; they were beginning to open which filled our home with the sweet aroma. We spent that night cooking together, laughing, dancing around and embracing the love we have for each other and for life. We prepared a fabulous menu together, which Jake had purchased all the ingredients ahead of time, hats off to him! Here’s a look inside what we whipped up: A chopped brussel sprout and kale salad, wild caught sea scallops in garlic reduction, a side of my famous oven fresh seasoned potato’s doused in rosemary and thyme, followed by Lauderee macaroons. When you’re both entrepreneurs with open-ended schedules, its hard to find time to embrace the simplicities of love and life. This was an absolutely perfect evening; creative, premeditated, engaging and with perfect harmony I will forever remember our first foolproof valentines as fiancée and fiancé.


I’ll share you a v-day from college, that I definitely preferred not having happened. I was dating a gentleman (outside my university) that was in it’s early stages, normally when that happens I don’t really discuss to other people my personal business. Especially in a college department of theatre, where students date the SAME students, swap, and so forth, but above all NOSEY! People will profess there love, and then people will profess their love not knowing the other persons situation. It’s still romantic in the movies though...One day I arrive at my 8 a.m. makeup class, and before I enter, everyone is staring at me walking in and out of the makeup room. As I walk in there is this floral pot with a huge bushel of orchids, a handmade wooden carving of my name, and some other little trinkets. Not only am I blushing, but I feel awful, because now all I can think about is the poor guy who went out of his way to do this for me. I had an idea of who it might be…. next thing I know the culprit eventually tells me as I’m leaving to lunch (MY Valentine was waiting for me across the street to eat). I of course thanked him, gave him a hug, and complimented him on his craftsman ship. He clearly was paying attention from afar, but alas my heart was not swooned over from the gifts…. I’m HORRIBLE! Just as I sense he’s about to ask me to lunch, I somehow got the hell out of dodge! These days I don’t feel so bad, he remained a friend, I still have the decorative wooden name, and he’s also married to one smokin’ wife! LOL

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xoxo, The 4 B's


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