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D.I.Y. Halloween MUA: Intro 2014

“Come little children, I’ll take you away into a land of enchantment …” - Hocus Pocus

Well maybe not a “land of enchantment” but more to my wonderful world obsessed for COSTUME MAKEUP!

#backstory- Probably one of my favorite classes in college was stage makeup. The student and I loved class so much that we begged our professor (Prof. Marilyn Skow) for more. Funny enough there was no next level up in the theatre department, but that didn’t stop her, she quickly made a curriculum, and we spent another semester exploring more intense special effects and learned how to make our own latex and foam prosthetics. We had WAY TOO MUCH FUN (probably the only class I didn’t mind waking up for at the butt crack of dawn).

I’ve been fortunate enough to get to use these skills as a part time gig for film and photoshoot sets, but my favorite time to use them is---- YES !!!! ALL HALLOW'S EVE!!!!!! Well not just on Halloween, but pretty much the whole month of October. I always hope for more than two or three events to get ghouled up, or ghoul up my friends.

I’m happy to announce that for the month of October, I will be posting helpful tips and tricks, inspirational looks for you to try, putting together simple inexpensive costumes using basic items from your closet, and what materials and tools I use to achieve each looks.

*Below are some photos from the most recent halloweens.

The level of “difficulty” will range from 1-3. 1-easy, 2- moderate, 3-hard. You will get your glam/drag , fantasy, gothic/haunting, and “out there/makes no sense” looks. I hope they will inspire you to recreate one of these looks or use any skills presented, to recreate one of your own looks from scratch (don’t forget to share with us your HALLOWEEN MUA this season!!!).

Makeup Tools:

  • -White cosmetic sponges, beauty blender,stipple sponge.

  • - Flat firm brushes in all sizes (for painting, texturizing, drawing on your face).

  • - Eyeshadow brushes (blending, applying, lining).

  • -Powder brush for only using setting powder (translucent powder).

  • - Eye lashes (go ham on these)

  • - Eye lash glue

  • - Spirit Gum & Spirit Gum Remover

  • - Liquid Latex

  • - Stage Blood, Gel Blood

  • -Cotton, Tissue Paper, Que-Tips.

  • -Makeup Wipes/ Makeup Remover

  • - Cream based makeup, eyeshadow, loose pigments, liquid liner, kohl pencils, glitter ect… Any makeup in pigments you enjoy and would like to use on your face. Can be found in drugstores, beauty supply stores, and specialty brands.

  • -Inexpensive face cream (make sure it has ZERO SPF, this is what I use to mix with cream based makeup to smooth out the makeup and make application with the sponge much better...)

  • Brands I Use/Recommend:

  • -Theatrical Makeup: Ben Nye, Make-Up Forever, Mehron, Mac Pro Cosmetics.

  • -Street Makeup: Urban Decay, Make-Up Forever, Mac, Sugar Pill, O.C.C., Tarte, Kat Von D,B.H. Cosmetics.

Places Available with most of these products:

C.V.S., Sally's, Sephora, Ulta, Mac Pro Shops, Specialty Costume Shops. (If you are in NYC visit the "Halloween Store" in UNION SQUARE PARK, Open year round. If you are in Miami, Visit "Casa De Los Trucos" off good 'ol 8th street, Open year round Or "G.B.S. Beauty Supply" off Miracle Mile.)

***If you cant find theatrical makeup if any store in your area please visit the online store "Stage Makeup Online", HERE .

If you are having a hard time on what to buy, be sure to first look at what you already own. If you are feeling adventurous and want a fun tool to create theatrical looks with, check out the “Character Wheels” from Ben Nye. They give you many options, and can be used for a variety of looks. My FAVORITE is the very morbid “Death Wheel”, gets the job done when I’m going for a haunted look.

*Look for brands that are highly pigmented and have long lasting wear. I do a mix of powder and cream pigments because I like to do contour, shading, and airbrush effects with both elements with just the use of brushes.

I’m hoping this prep list for this coming month will get you inspired and ready to attempt or better your hand for some fun and spooky looks!

Next week we will jump right into the MUA Halloween inspired looks! We will start off by using the materials you already own (I.E. eyeliner, liquid liner, blush, red tone lipsticks, black eyeshadow, and more street makeup.).

Happy Hauntings xo,


P.S. Is there anything you really want to try this year, and not sure how? Maybe I can find the best, easiest way for you! Let us know here at, BLONDE2BRUNETTE.


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