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Valentine's Candy Board

Here's a quick and easy way to theme out your candy board this Valentine's Season (or any upcoming holiday Mardi Gras, St.Patty's , Easter!

What you need |

  • Your favorite candy and sweets of all time, try to keep the theme of colors in white pink and red, if there's other colors like dark chocolate consider it a neutral tone!

  • Cheese board of your choice, we love one with an elevated lip.

  • Small in theme bowls/containers.

Where to buy|

  • Sweets really depend on your favorite things to eat. If you have extra time to visit more than one place, we suggest heading to Trader Joe's for all their fun themed chocolates (like the fortune cookies), Target or Wallmart for the foil wrapped candies and themed m&ms & sour candy, Lastly you can find heart or lip shaped items at Fresh Market or Homegoods.

  • Containers in theme you can shop at Target, Wallmart, HomeGoods and Anthro!


Hope you enjoyed this quick inspo of a VDAY treat display...

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