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TOP 5 | July

Hey b2b fam, how are all of you? How's your health? Mental health? Over all spirit during these days? I hope you are making the best out of this Covid filled summer. Be it discovering a new way of life, hobbies turned careers, maybe purging all the things and really honing in on what truly matters in your household. I think we've checked in on every nook and cranny of our lives to see where we should strengthen and let go. Our Top 5's have looked a little different on here simply because wellness was the utmost importance. From March-June we spent a good time finding creative and affordable ways to spend our days. As we proceed to the second half of the month of July, I like to remain optimistic that better days are ahead for not only our Country but the World sooner, rather than later.

Stress effects me in my sleep and stress also lives in my very expressive face lol. The amount of scowling I have done this season is ridiculous. For sometime I've been building up the courage to get Botox! You think after getting veneers and a rhinoplasty that fear of needles would be nonexistent but guess again. Even recently when I've gotten blood work done so I can comfortably go about doing my gigs, I still hyperventilate a bit (and yes I'm Covid free). Anyway I got the damn botox, not for film & tv, not for my wedding but for the damn stressed scowling I have done heavily in the last 5 months. I've always had my expression lines show, especially post a long flight or day out in the sun, this was different. I needed a boost and serums alone weren't going to cut it. So I visited my girl Gina, (Miami people visit her she will hook you up, click here!) who has me on a regiment, a session of botox and 3 hydra-facials once a month for the next three months ( she has an awesome hydra package btw). I'll be sharing my before and afters, but not until I finish my third month. I'm due for my second hydra-facial and since my first I've been using two additional products that I'm absolutely loving (see below). With a few other items listed below I've been working on channeling my stress and continued to stay on top of my health and wellness. We've said it before and we'll say it again; make sure you fill your cup first, you cannot give from a half filled cup and you sure as hell can't give from an empty cup.

Please note I am not saying to get botox, I am saying to make sure to take care of yourself and your skin is a part of you. It's the largest organ of your body and if you aren't having a professional look at it every once in a while maybe it's time. Especially our fellow sunny South Florida friends!


1 |Obagi Facial Foaming Cleanser| This facial cleanser is awesome! It leaves my face refreshed and beyond clean. Fighting free radicals on the daily and boosting antioxidants. Gina has these product available in her office if you are a Miami local. [BUY HERE]

2|Obagi Professional C Serum 15%| This baby right here is botox's best friend. I was recommended the 15% as I have normal to dry skin. There is a 20% which I feel is best for skin leaning towards the oily side but still seek a professional in your area (again Miami people seek Gina) to help you decide that. A little goes a long way and you only have to put it on once a day. This serum aids in reducing fine lines and wrinkles and gives me the ultimate glow. You ever get a facial and just look dewy and refreshed, yup that does this. I can also say that the texture of my skin has gotten extremely soft. I put this guy on after I wash my face, let it sit in a moment and then I put my Azur Oil face serum to moisturize (I mentioned that serum in our quarantine top 5 months). YOU WILL NOT REGRET THIS!

3| NamJosh Headband at Mara Mode Studio| My hubs and I took a quick escape to my SIL's house in Fairfax, Virginia (30 minutes south of D.C.) where we spent the majority outside staring at the Blue Ridge mountains drinking all the carbs lol. A cute little boutique called Mara Mode Studio that is half shoppe and half salon sells cruelty-free hair products and collects ethically sourced sustainably made apparel and accessories. I just had to leave with something and I fell in love with my one of a kind Nam Josh headband from India. There are a ton more styles in person than online, so I recommend giving them a quick dm. I plan on getting more soon for the fall season [BUY HERE].

4| Tom's Morning Coffee Shoes|Cause sometimes we need a quick shoe to pop on and off. My mother surprised me with these adorable coffee themed printed shoes to brighten my days. I know summer is for sandals but I hate wearing open toed shoes to the grocery stores and other practical errands and these days rarely do you find yourself out for anything else besides staycations. Toms are always a good idea for these types of things, except now you can get a laugh or two every time you slip them on [BUY HERE].

5| The Rachel Hollis Show on Quibi| If you are a Rachel Hollis fan, then you might be like me wanting some more Rach energy on busy days. She actually launched her first tv show with Quibi back in April, but I was busy doing her company's #next90challenge and I wanted to wait before I dove into this one. Her episodes are only 10 minutes long each day. All aboutMindset, wellness and lifestyle. There are some convo's that will sound familiar from her books and podcasts and then you get a little extra too in a shorter period of time. We've brought up her books, her Start Today Journal (journal featured up top), priority planner and her conferences many times, but if you still haven't gotten to know her, now is the time. She's currently in a major shift in her life that I feel she will write about beautifully in the coming year. Shout out to all my Rachel Hollis fans out there that are rooting for her [DOWNLOAD/VISIT HERE]!!!




I hope we provided you with a little escape entertainment with The Rachel Hollis show on the new app Quibi, maybe potential relief of your scowling lines like mine, or maybe exploring some sustainable products from Mara Mode Studio. If you are in need of some wellness vibing activities check out our quarantine bundle of May-June recs.

One thing you may want to add if possible in your area are ways to staycation. It's not only helping a local business but it's a great way to change up the scenery a bit with your loved ones. Whether it's air bnb, membership at a club/hotel, or timeshare. Being that we are from Miami we love our little tropical home away from home, Ocean Reef. It's far enough where you are secluded on an island, but only a short 45 minute drive from Miami so it never feels like a hassle, even for a day trip. See if your area has a club that provides housing, there may even be special rates going on due to Covid too, ya never know!

Wishing you all love and peace...

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