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Kitchen Witch Simmer Pot | Fall Harvest Moon

Hey Witches, Happy Fall (I'll never tire of saying that). There's a few things happening this week that are magical. First being that we are entering the last 90 days this Sunday, October is here everyone! The Harvest Moon, also the last Super Moon of the year is this Friday, the 29th and is reaching its peak at 6a.m. So clean, bust out the crystals, and take a pause to see what is thriving in all areas of your life, what patterns may need to change and what do you need to let go of- like they all say- what is no longer serving you. Then ride the wave of the lucky shining light of the full moon. If you'd like to learn more about all things metaphysical check out our SPIRITUAL BASICS (click here) section where each post taps into different rituals and practices of the metaphysical.

Today we are going over the classic 'ber month ritual of creating a simmer pot. Although you can do this for any of the seasonal changes to honor and evoke the spirit which each season brings but also you can do this on the daily to bring harmony, purification and specific intentions based on the ingredients you use.

Today's focus is embracing this Fall Equinox and the powerful Harvest Moon... if you ever wanted to gather your favorite people and celebrate the Harvest Moon, check out this blogpost HERE to do ( and add the simmer pot ritual). If you are active on insta, you can save today's simmer pot reel for later (CLICK HERE).

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through any link, I may receive a potential commission at no extra cost to you. I only share items that I genuinely value and have used.


(ingredients can be fresh, dried, or pressed into essential oils)

  • Orange: insight, abundance, manifestation

  • Apple or Apple Peels: health, happiness

  • Cinnamon: protection, money, love, happiness, health

  • Clove: protection, money, growth

  • Star Anise: psychic abilities, protection, stability

  • Juniper: protection, healing

  • Tulsi (Holy Basil or any type of basil): protection, courage, money,

  • Lemon Balm: peace

  • Peppermint: protection, cleansing, mental clarity, purification

  • Mint: luck, protection, peace, fertility

  • Lemon Grass: insight, psychic ability

  • Tarragon: prosperity

  • Cranberry Hibiscus: love, insight, passion

  • Lavender: luck, purification, peace, grace

  • Chamomile: wisdom, health, success

  • Rosemary: success, love, insight

  • Butterfly Pea: protection, peace, love

  • Vanilla: love, happiness, luck, empowerment

  • Spirit of Choice: To honor our passed on loved ones...I chose Sazerac Rye (IYKYK)

There are a ton of ingredients already available to you in your kitchen, you don't need a special pot, just any stovetop safe pot that you can bring water to a low boil... (I BOUGHT MINE HERE)

I always like to add a little salt for cleansing in the water, and even take a little sacred smoke around the items I gathered from my garden and kitchen and honors these items and thank the divine power, whatever that is to you. I get created and say a prayer and thank God for everything.

As you simmer these ingredients, just imagine what you would like to come to fruition along with cleanse your home, your sacred space, the hearth. It's so important to keep your home peaceful for your own spirit and the spirit of others living with you.

I plan on making a bigger library of ingredients in "Spiritual Basics" section and will be posting that soon for you to play with in the coming months. It's definitely important to incorporate any current items in season to honor the present season and be enforced with grounding power.

I hope you enjoy this moon to the fullest ... no pun intended.

'till then, Happy Fall.


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